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Industrial IoT Improves Gas Safety at Marathon Petroleum

Much has been talked and written about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) due to the great promise it holds for the industrial community and its potential to disrupt traditional operations and business practices. The IIoT has moved beyond the conceptual, “blue sky” stage; ARC Advisory Group is starting to see numerous products, solutions, and use cases.

Currently, the major driver behind adoption of the IIoT is its potential to reduce unplanned machine downtime through remote monitoring. However, we have started to see acceptance of IIoT for a range of other applications. For example, many companies have started to implement advanced IIoT capabilities to strengthen their safety programs.

Gas Detection: Critical Component of Plant Safety
Most process industries are exposed to numerous risks that can not only damage property and environment, but also result in severe injuries and loss of human lives. Operations at many process plants typically involve the production or use of highly toxic and combustible gases. This creates a pressing need to continuously monitor for the presence of such gases. Typically, a combination of fixed and portable gas detectors is used to detect these harmful gases.

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