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Invite to AGM and discussion on “Industrial Training”:

Please accept our invitation as per enclosed to attend the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday 7th of February 18:00 for 18:30 at the prestigious Centurion Country Club. Jurie will present our finances for the past year while Des Burrows esteemed master of ceremonies (MC) for numerous prestigious events and director of Rascals Automation (one of our branch patrons) will provide some inspiration and discuss the subject of Industrial Training. Should you be interested and available to be part of the committee please feel free to nominate yourself, so a vote may be taken.

Our plan for the year is to focus on what is deemed important in terms of points which include continuing with technical evenings, etc. but to also focus on: 1. Site visit (see below), 2. Publish another technical paper, 3. Focus on hosting some training (two days with three or so slots each) and 4. To speak in public. Note this does not mean we won’t do other activities i.e. social’s, etc. just be more focussed…

Some brief feedback re past period:

FIRST ROBOTICS SA: It is understood that the MoU has been signed and that next step is to make payment to FRSA as per agreement. It is hoped that respective parties will continue to promote the program. It will also be appreciated should you have capacity to get involved and support it…

SAEEC White Paper published: The presentation by Petrus on behalf of SAIMC has been published as per ISBN: 978-0-6399125-0-9, see:

Industry Trade Association (EEE-M&S Cluster):

It should be no secret that Petrus and Mark has been working for a while now on establishing an “engine” to grow “Industrial Automation” within Southern Africa and it would appear that we may have finally found a model which might just work and potentially place our industry and profession “on the map”. As communicated before the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) offers numerous incentives with the most applicable being the Cluster Development Programme (CDP) (see more information online at:

In line with this we are in the process of establishing the Electrical, Electronic, Electro-Mechanical and Software (EEE-M&S) Cluster. To date we seem to have the required five (5) founding companies required to initiate the process and next step is payment of member fees so we may approach the DTI for the 1st portion of 20:80 grant funding (maximum R10M) to be used for shared infrastructure costs, business development and cluster management funding. The reason we believe in this initiative is that not only is the program driven professionally as per who has established other clusters but also it already has some midsized anchor companies to take initiative forward. The next step is to register the NPO and then to get more members. Unfortunately, there are member fees that apply (+/- R5K/Yr+). Should you be a local manufacturer of industrial automation products / solutions this initiative may just apply to you.

PLEASE NOTE: The intention of EEE-M&S cluster is not to alienate any suppliers nor any bodies / professional or trade and you may continue to see merit to belong to export council(s) / business chamber(s), etc.


PS it is noted that this may not be as applicable to end customers as deemed important to “suppliers”.

See: for more information.

SAIMC NAT COM: The main matters to report back on is that we have a “Bosberaad” planned for 9th of March which is also planned to be the national AGM. This is deemed a very important / strategic meeting. The second to note is that an Internet of Things (IIOT) portfolio has been established and exact scope there off is still being formulated. More information to follow.

PS: Some info is also to be shared at AGM re succession changes.


So far we have interest from the following patrons to present: IFM, Metso, Wika, Beckhoff, Vega, Yokogawa, Swagelok and Proconics. Topics still to be firmed up and timing.

More news will also be communicated re Science Week 2018 in late May at the German School and latter in JHB.

ALSO see prelim date for GOLF DAY and other info below:



We are looking at Aerosud as a possibility but still to be confirmed and scheduled.


Nothing to report, to look at feasibility to start up the branch this year.


Other items we may wish to conclude this year includes setting up own bank account also.

Please note Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) is also having their AGM 22nd February at Siemens at 10:30, for more or to RSVP please contact Jane at:

For more information please contact any one of the committee members. We appreciate any new members so also please feel free to share.

Thank you kindly,

Petrus Klopper

SAIMC Tshwane Branch Committee (Vice Chairman, Secratary & Technology) and

National Committee (Professional Service / Standards Sub-Committee)

082 559 7437


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