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KlevaKidz puts paraffin safety first

The annual Engen KlevaKidz campaign which engages with and educates learners about the importance of paraffin safety launched in the Western Cape on October 13th and runs until the end of the month. Over the course of three weeks, Engen KlevaKidz will travel to 30 primary schools in the Khayelitsha and Strand area.

Engen KlevaKidz takes the form of an interactive educational stage drama relaying key safety messages – in the learners’ mother tongues – combined with a jingle to reinforce the theme.

Over the past few months, the KlevaKidz roadshow has already travelled to the Free State, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape.

Since its inception in 2008, Engen KlevaKidz has reached over 145 000 learners in 436 schools across South Africa – from rural villages deep in Limpopo and the Eastern Cape to townships in Gauteng.

In partnership with The Communication Firm, the travelling industrial theatre show features engaging characters who deliver important safety messages.

In this year’s show, Mr Wise is the super hero and main character who educates young learners about how to identify and use paraffin safely. Mr Wise interacts with Bongi and Junior and urges them to be careful when using paraffin.

Stories are used to explain to the learners what to do if paraffin is ingested or inhaled.
Mr Wise also focuses on the importance of being clean and washing hands after being in contact with paraffin, and how to store paraffin safely.

Prizes, including super hero masks and funnels, will be handed out to all learners. This is because the learners are all heroes who have the inner strength and ability to take care of themselves, says Engen Corporate Social Investment Manager, Mntu Nduvane.

“Young children in under-resourced households are often the primary day-time care givers, often looking after their siblings while their parents or guardians are at work.
“Without supervision, and uninformed of the multiple dangers associated with using paraffin, children between the ages of 7 and 13 are often vulnerable, and it is these children who are the focus of Engen KlevaKidz,” adds Nduvane.

Engen KlevaKidz has proven to be a powerful medium to stimulate children’s imagination. The takeout messages are explored in pre-and post-behavioural assessment questionnaires illustrating the retention achieved through theatre.

After each show, evaluations are distributed to determine the effectiveness of the production. Essentially it takes the form of a behavioural study measuring shift in knowledge and attendant behaviour with results highlighting the positive impact on children who are given the tools and know-how to deal with paraffin emergencies, storage and handling.

“As a leading provider of petroleum products in South Africa, we take this to heart and are honoured to contribute to the livelihoods and the safety of people,” concludes Nduvane.
Engen is South Africa’s leading supplier of paraffin, through the Laurel Paraffin brand.


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