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Kobold’s MAN-U Pressure Gauge


KOBOLD, represented locally by Instrotech, has on offer to industry the type MAN-U diaphragm differential pressure gauges – specifically designed to be both cost-efficient and flexible. The instruments, used to check filter obstructions, pressure drops, flow rate differences, level measurements and generally the difference between two pressures of equal or different circuits, are available for a variety of measuring ranges from 0 … 100 mbar to 0 … 25 bar differential pressure. The effective measuring system with a double diaphragm is suitable for gaseous and liquid media, to be used in processes up to 200 bar static pressure and withstand temperatures of up to 150° C. Even one-sided overpressure levels of up to 200 bar can be tolerated thanks to a special barrier.

A large range of options allows individual and exact setting of the differential pressure gauge to match the relevant application and medium. Of course, the gauges can also be designed for process control with switch contacts. In addition, designs with suitable damping fluids allow its use in the case of strong pressure surges and vibrations. When connected to suitable pressure mediation lines, the measuring devices can also be installed away from the process itself.

The pressure gauges are securely protected with top-quality stainless steel housing in sizes of 100 and 150 mm with FKM and PTFE seals, and are also suitable for use with aggressive media. The large and easy-to-read display on an aluminium scale is located behind a cover made of specially hardened glass. Alongside devices with a front ring for integration into panels, there are suitable designs for process-suited mounting on walls or pipelines, including the corresponding mounting accessories.

For more information on Kobold’s MAN-U Pressure Gauge contact Instrotech on 010 595 1831 or sales@instrotech.co.za


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