Legrand’s Atlantic Stainless Steel cabinets for electrical components

Legrand’s Atlantic stainless steel cabinets have been designed for safe use in corrosive conditions and in areas requiring a high level of hygiene.

These enclosures are designed for maximum safety and the ordered arrangement and optimum protection of electrical components, like terminal blocks, switches and sockets, fuse carriers, safety transformers and circuit breakers.

Atlantic stainless steel cabinet

According to Legrand specialists, Atlantic control panel enclosures, manufactured from 304 L stainless steel, have a high quality, easy-to-clean brushed stainless steel finish, extra surface protection, stainless steel screws and hinges, as well as impeccably welded rounded doors. These rust-proof units also have a reversible cabinet, a protective flange, double bar locks and a unique facility where devices like supports or pushbuttons may be attached to the inside of the door. A backplate enables easy installation, as there is no need to drill.

Atlantic cabinets have an IP66 index protection rating and conform to IEC quality standards. They are available in sizes of between 300 x 200 x 160 mm and 1 400 x 800 x 400 mm.

These robust cabinets are ideally suited for industries that include mining, paper, chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum, as well as for use in food manufacturing plants, distilleries, industrial kitchens and dairies.

Accessories for these panels include plain and perforated plates, modular chassis, internal doors, locking devices and mounting accessories.

Special 316 L stainless steel cabinets are available for use in extremely harsh conditions where acids or halides are continuously present, or offshore, where these units are constantly exposed to chlorides.

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