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legrand cctv solutions security business

Legrand’s extensive range of security solutions for businesses, encompasses advanced closed circuit television (CCTV) systems that enhance safety by monitoring and recording events, in one or more areas of a building.

Legrand’s CCTV solutions – which are based on IP digital technology, analogue high definition (AHD) or analogue systems – include image capturing, where cameras are used to film a scene in real time and video recording for monitoring and analysis in deferred time. These systems are also suitable for 24 hour access monitoring.

“In selecting the appropriate CCTV solution for specific security requirements, we recommend four important steps: firstly to identify the areas of a building that need to be monitored and then to define expected results of the system in each of these areas. For example, identification, recognition and detection of intrusions,” states Daniele Tomirotti, customer service manager and technical solutions for Legrand South Africa. “The third stage is to specify the number of cameras required and to indicate the most suitable positioning for each device. Finally, in order to achieve pre-determined requirements of the system, appropriate cameras, video recorders, monitors and accessories must be selected.”


CCTV solutions for business 1 – display and analysis

Legrand’s CCTV solutions for businesses incorporate IP digital technology which offers high resolution images. With this system, all devices are controlled and monitored during working hours, from a switchboard position, or a local reception area with an operator. When necessary, the management of several sites can be centralised remotely.

Typical outside areas for monitoring in business are goods loading and unloading zones, the sides of a building and the car park. Internal areas include store rooms and goods loading/ unloading areas.

When the CCTV system is connected to other systems installed in a building or in outside areas, images from connected cameras are displayed on the control monitor. Event monitoring provides important security information, including intrusion, the presence of a fire or technical problems. The integration of a recording system enables the replaying of events which have occurred, for closer analysis. For example, theft.

The display and analysis of a scene can be live, where the camera image is transmitted to a monitor, or recorded, where the image is saved on a video recorder for on-demand display. This versatile system is designed for local control, where the monitor is connected directly to the camera or video recorder; or for remote control where analysis is carried on smartphones or a PC. Single or multiple channel modes enable video recorders to display events from several cameras on a single monitor, in real time.


CCTV solutions for business 3 – outdoor AHD dome camera

Camera wiring is an important parameter to consider when choosing the most suitable technology for the security system for specific business requirements.

Analogue cameras have an analogue video signal transmitted via a coaxial cable, which is a simple solution, requiring no additional programming, or components. UTP cable can be integrated into the structure’s wiring, enabling the switch-over to an all IP solution.

AHD cameras have an analogue video signal in high definition with a coaxial cable which has a maximum 300 m connection length. UTP cable is enhanced with new AHD baluns. Image detail degrades progressively with distances longer than 300 m.

An IP camera’s power supply can be Power over Ethernet (PoE) on the same UTP cable used for video signals, or a dedicated wiring and power supply system for each camera. This system can also have dedicated wiring for each camera and a centralised power supply shared by several cameras.

IP digital solutions for security in businesses, incorporate new high resolution H265 cameras and digital video recorders with improved video quality. IP systems are designed for simple installation, without the need for power supplies for cameras and new video recorders (NVR H265 with PoE technology). Accessibility and remote connection via the internet is facilitated by Peer to Peer (P2P) technology. Only one UPS is required for entire system.


CCTV solutions for business 4 – outdoor AHD bullet camera

The Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) is an industry group, dedicated to the development of standards relating to open IP video networking, enabling the use of compliant products over non-proprietary networks. Legrand IP products are ONVIF-compliant for effective integration into third party software.

There are various types of cameras in Legrand’s CCTV range, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Special cameras are equipped with specific functions, including smoke detection. Motorised cameras are able to follow extremely fast movements of any object or individual.

Standard and high resolution digital video recorders (DVR), video encoders and decoders and management software, also form part of Legrand’s CCTV solutions. Complimentary equipment includes LED colour monitors, stabilised power supplies and miscellaneous wiring accessories. Legrand’s LCS² cabling system offers high performance, easy installation and enhanced flexibility for CCTV solutions.

Legrand’s pre-packaged CCTV kits, which ensure high resolution images, are simple to install and easy to expand at a later stage, if necessary.

Legrand’s new CCTV catalogue includes detailed charts for easy selection of the correct equipment for every installation. This is based on the positioning distance and type of visualisation required.

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Legrand’s CCTV solutions – which are based on IP digital technology, analogue high definition (AHD) or analogue systems – include image capturing, where cameras are used to film a scene in real time and video recording for monitoring and analysis in deferred time. These systems are also suitable for 24 hour access monitoring.

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