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legrand cctv solutions security technology

Legrand’s extensive range of security solutions encompasses closed circuit television (CCTV) systems, which meet specific security requirements requirements in small, medium and large installations.

“These modular CCTV systems, which include an analogue, IP or composite approach, are selected according to the exact safety requirements of each building – for protection in diverse installations, from small businesses, to large shopping centres,” states Sonja Leibbrandt, marketing and pricing manager, Legrand South Africa. “The advantage of high definition IP technology is a scene filmed in ‘recognition’ mode can be zoomed to enable the identification of people.

“In selecting the appropriate CCTV solution, we recommend four important steps: define the areas that needs to be monitored and specify the expected results of the system. For example, identification, recognition and detection of intrusions. The third stage is to specify the number of cameras required and their suitable positioning. Finally, for the most effective results, the appropriate equipment must be selected to achieve pre-determined requirements of the system.

“Basically, the objectives and functions of a CCTV system are to provide live or recorded access and event monitoring of one or more areas of a building. This involves filming, recording, visualising and analysing of activities in the installation.

“Typical examples of the implementation of CCTV solutions are in small shops, supermarkets and warehouses. Legrand’s compact CCTV kits, which are expandable up to four cameras, are ideal for shop installations, to monitor and record a few areas – usually the main entrance, product display area and cash register.

“In supermarkets, which normally necessitate monitoring and recording internally and externally, we recommend a specially designed system for each specific installation, where all devices are monitored and controlled from a monitoring station.

“In warehouse structures, the usual requirements internally and externally, include the surveillance of stock loading and unloading areas, the building exterior and parking lots. These bespoke systems are designed so that all devices are monitored and controlled from a local switchboard or reception, with an operator present. It is also possible to centralise the remote management of several sites.”

Although the selection of the appropriate components of a CCTV system – cameras, recorders and screens is critical – transmission and connection is also important. Legrand solutions are scalable and allow the management of an analog installation and an IP system, using the same software.

The installation can either be analog or IP. An analog video signal can be transmitted via a coaxial cable, which is a simple solution, requiring no additional programming, or components. A twisted pair of cables (FTP) can be integrated into the structure’s wiring, enabling the switch over to an all IP solution.

An IP video signal, via a twisted pair of cables (FTP) facilitates the installation of several other cameras, if the IP installation has been correctly dimensioned.

The Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) is an industry group, dedicated to the development of standards relating to open IP video networking, enabling the use of compliant products over non-proprietary networks. Legrand IP products are ONVIF-compliant for effective integration into third party software.


CCTV analog dome camera for outdoor installation

Legrand has published a detailed chart for the easy selection of the correct camera for every installation. This is based on the positioning distance and type of visualisation required.

There are various types of analog and IP indoor and outdoor cameras in the Legrand range, each fitted with either a fixed lens aperture or a varifocal lens, which allows for the manual adjustment of the focal length. For example, if a 6 mm fixed lens is required, a 3,5 – 8 mm varifocal lens is easily adjusted to be fixed at 6 mm.


Dome cameras, with a fixed or varifocal lens, are designed for indoor and outdoor protection

Legrand’s range of analog and IP cameras includes a compact camera for wall mounting, which is supplied with the lens and mechanism already affixed.

The dome camera is also fitted with a fixed lens and mechanism and can be wall mounted, or supplied with a suspension arm. Special cameras are equipped with specific functions, including smoke detection. Motorised cameras are able to follow the movements of any object or target and are capable of extremely fast movement.


Warehouse facilities require the monitoring and video recording of various small and large areas, both internally and externally

Standard and high resolution digital video recorders (DVR), video encoders and decoders and VMS management software, also form part of Legrand’s CCTV solutions.

Complimentary equipment includes LCD colour monitors, stabilised power supplies and miscellaneous wiring accessories. The LCS² cabling system offers high performance, easy installation and enhanced flexibility for CCTV solutions.

Legrand has gained credibility in South Africa for its state of the art modular electrical accessories, emphasising cost efficiency, flexibility, low energy consumption, safety and enhanced aesthetics. All Legrand products conform with stringent international quality and safety specifications. This energy efficient range features innovative designs to meet exact user demands, also allowing for simple and efficient installation.

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