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Legrand launches new DLP-S ECO trunking

Legrand SA has extended its range of DLP trunking to now include the DLP-S ECO snap-on series, with new features for quick installation, flexibility and ease of use.

“Legrand keeps abreast with global electrical and digital trends in residential and commercial buildings, with the introduction locally of the latest products and systems,” says Marius Labuschagne, Legrand’s technical and solutions manager. “Legrand’s modern DLP-S ECO snap-on trunking – designed for the efficient integration of power and data sockets in new installations and refurbishment projects – is suitable for high and low current applications in all building sectors, including domestic, office, commercial, banks, hospitals, computer centres and industry.


“A key feature is the combination of this versatile trunking system with Legrand’s Arteor wiring devices. This flexible snap-on trunking assembly allows quick connections for normal and dedicated power, low voltage applications, telephone systems, computers and dedicated sockets. An important benefit is that all power and data is distributed in one system.”

Legrand’s DLP-S trunking is available with white covers that retain colour quality, maintain original shape and have resistance to flame propagation and mechanical shocks.

This trunking system is available in two sizes – 85 x 50 mm and 130 x 50 mm, in 2 m lengths – and can be mounted vertically or horizontally, with minimal tooling requirements. Rigid profiles have perforations that are easy to cut to rectangular shape and a self-guiding cover ensures easy fitting. No additional supports are required – 45 mm Arteor wiring devices are simply clipped on the trunking body. A plastic protective film is easily removed after installation.

For convenience, components of this system – which consist of a body, cover and partition – have one single catalogue number per trunking size.

Ready to install accessories provide a perfect finish for cable routing and ensure quick completion of the installation. These components include internal and external variable angles, with a ready to fit assembly that adjusts easily to all configurations. Internal and external fixed version angles (at 90°) offer space saving solutions for installations without constraints of configuration.

For further information
Internal sales, Legrand, PO Box 1917 Kelvin, 2054
Telephone (011) 444 7971



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