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Legrand power solutions for continuity of service in power outages

Legrand’s power solutions ensure continuity of service and protection of electrical equipment during planned and unexpected power outages.

These modular systems include cast resin transformers, with low electromagnetic emission, busbar trunking systems, enclosures for power switchgear and controlgear assemblies, as well as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units.

According to Legrand, the key advantage in selecting these components for efficient, safe and flexible power distribution, is the immediate integration between Legrand’s busbar trunking systems, cast resin transformers and XL³ cabinets.

All Legrand power solutions systems encompass the latest technology for energy efficiency, quality power supply, optimum safety and enhanced aesthetics.


Legrand power solutions – transformers and busbars

Legrand’s busbar trunking systems (25 A – 6 300 A) which comply with international IEC 61439-6 standards, have minimum overall dimensions and provide flexibility in all areas of an installation, including confined spaces. Resin busbars, with an IP68 index protection rating, are suitable for high power outdoor projects.

Aluminium or copper busbars and cast resin transformers are equipped with various accessories to provide maximum versatility for any type of power application, including zones which are subjected to high thermal stress and where equipment is sensitive to electromagnetic interferences.

Safety is important in the design of all Legrand components. The absence of fuel masses in Legrand’s cast resin transformers is combined with a low fire load typical of busbars. This feature increases the intrinsic safety of a building against the propagation of a possible fire. This fire retardant range is tested for fire resistance according to DIN 4102-09 and EN 1366-3 standards.

The connections of high power busbar line elements have reliable mechanical interlocks for easy installation. This design eliminates errors and prevents potential dangers which can occur with conventional systems when starting up the system.

Legrand UPS - Modular UPS for continuity of service in power outages

Legrand UPS – Modular UPS for continuity of service in power outages

Legrand’s environmentally friendly, dry type cast resin transformers, transfer electrical power between two different voltage systems at the same frequency, with low environmental impact. These HV/LV transformers offer significant savings on electricity costs and can reduce electricity consumption by up to 20% during off-peak activity.

Legrand’s standard distribution transformers have rated power between 100 and 3 150 kVA, primary rated voltage up to 36 kV and secondary rated voltage up to 433 V. Special transformers have rated power up to 20 000 kVA, primary rated voltage up to 36 kVA and secondary rated voltage on request.

The absence of flammable insulation liquids, the use of self-extinguishing materials exempt of toxic gas emissions, reduced noise levels and low electromagnetic emissions, ensure enhanced environmental protection in all installations. Unlike oil transformers, these cast resin units, with reduced overall size dimensions, can be installed inside buildings and do not require additional building structures. This means optimum flexibility in any environment. Because no cooling fluids are necessary, maintenance costs are minimised.

Legrand’s range of XL³ modular power distribution enclosures complies with international IEC 61439 standards to guarantee reliability and total protection of the installation.

XL³ cabinets and enclosures – for sites between 160 A and 6 300 A – provide solutions adapted to meet exact site power distribution needs in industrial, commercial and residential environments. Each model in this range includes a selection of sizes, versions and equipment. XL³ metallic or plastic enclosures, with index protection ratings between IP 30 and IP 55, have a short circuit resistance from 20 kA to 110 kA.

This flexible power distribution system, which can be adapted at any time, includes either standard or optimised distribution. Standard distribution allows the user to choose busbars and their supports, with a personal configuration for efficient power distribution.

The optimised distribution system eliminates the need to create special connections upstream and ensures time savings during installation by being able to connect appliances on pre-equipped units.

Other critical Legrand devices designed for optimum protection, reliable distribution and effective service continuity in the event of a mains power failure include DMX³ air circuit breakers, DMX³ MCCB’s, supply inverters and isolating switches.

Legrand’s UPS systems also ensures continuity of service, in terms of power and back up time. Optimum sizing of power stages, the latest electronic components and thorough testing of each unit, ensure dependability and safety of the new system. High performance batteries and an efficient charging system have extended battery life by up to 50%.

The Legrand UPS product range, which goes up to 800 kVA, comprises modular and conventional UPS, to guarantee superior performance, service continuity and energy efficiency to critical loads.

Legrand power solutions systems are also available from the company’s national distributor and wholesaler network, which provides a comprehensive solutions-based service that encompasses technical consultation and system support.

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