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legrand weather proof & vandal resistant bulkhead lights

Legrand – specialists in products and systems for electrical and digital building infrastructures – manufactures an extensive range of bulkhead lights designed for various environments.

The range includes bulkheads for standard applications; weatherproof Koro and Plexo fittings for tougher environments and a decorative range of exterior bulkheads, designed for enhanced aesthetics and improved safety.

“High performance lighting not only enhances the ambience of outdoor areas at night, but also provides a reassuring feeling of safety at all times,” states Johan Bosch, general manager, Legrand SA. “Weatherproof bulkhead lights have been designed to withstand tough environments and are also ideal for use as escape sign lighting.”

Bulkhead lights, with an IP54 rating, are fitted with a high resistance seal to offer protection against water and dust. This range, which is available with round and oval polypropylene bases and porcelain lampholders, accommodates compact fluorescent lamps. These bulkheads have resistance to high temperatures and are self-extinguishing at 850ºC.

Legrand’s LED bulkheads lights have integrated sensors, with settings for detection, a switch off warning and an adjustable automatic standby function. It is easy to manually modify time delay, daylight setpoint and detection range settings.

Robust weatherproof bulkhead lights, with an IP 55 rating, have been designed for interior and exterior use in tough environments, including industrial applications. Oval fittings, with a colourless glass diffuser, accommodate 55 W halogen lamps, 17 W compact fluorescent lamps or 8 W LED lamps. Round units, also with a colourless glass diffuser, can be fitted with 70 W halogen lamps, 20 W compact fluorescent lamps or 12 W LED lamps.

Plexo rectangular bulkheads have an IP54 rating and are also suitable for use in tough environments. These units have a clear or red polycarbonate diffuser mounted on a hinge and the opening can be reversed top to base. 17 W fluorescent compact lamps or 8 W incandescent lamps can be accommodated in the grey base.

White Koro bulkhead lights have a polycarbonate diffuser mounted on a hinge and the opening can be reversed right to left. The porcelain lampholder is mounted on a swivel, pull-out type reflector. These bulkheads are fitted with 70 W halogen lamps, 20 W compact fluorescent lamps or 12 W LED lamps.

Included in the Koro range are vandal resistant bulkhead lights that can be surface or flush mounted indoors and outdoors in tough environments. This fitting consists of a shock-resistant clear polycarbonate diffuser, a glass fibre body re-inforced with composite materials and a robust grill type rim for a compact 20 W fluorescent lamp or a 70 W halogen lamp. To lock and secure this fitting, two special tamperproof screws are tightened with a specially designed tool.

For further information
Internal sales, Legrand, PO Box 1917 Kelvin, 2054
Telephone (011) 444 7971
Telefax (011) 444 7980


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