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LINDOFLAMM from Afrox for optimal heating applications

Whether preheating, postheating, flame straightening, flame hardening, flame brazing, fusing or hot forming, LINDOFLAMM flame solutions from Afrox ensure optimum performance at the lowest processing costs for precision manufacturing processes.

LINDOFLAMM is a range of innovative preheating, flame straightening and heat-treatment solutions that provide optimal heat transfer for the workpiece, reducing gas consumption, improving productivity and quality and reducing total cost. It also enhances safety on the factory floor.

At the heart of each heating installation is the LINDOFLAMM burner with shapes and capacities that can be modified to customers’ application and are matched with the right fuel gas mixture. The special burners can be customised to create the perfect fit for every heating application. The heating solutions can be semi- and fully automated and are tailored to customer’s requirements. Components and additional services can be offered from automatic ignition to monitoring, temperature control and documentation.

Unlike slow burning fuel gases, where main heat is in the secondary zone of the flame and a large amount of heat deflects from the material, resulting in gas losses, preheating time and loss of production, the unique LINDOFLAMM burners operate with acetylene and compressed air and the main heat contribution sits in the primary zone of the flame. This helps to direct the heat to the actual area to be preheated where very little heat is deflected off the plate.

Preheating can prevent cracking and ensure specific mechanical properties and must be used whenever specified by applicable codes. Applications in the industry where LINDOFLAMM offers quicker preheating times, saving on production costs and labour include stationary pre-heating before welding and cutting (hand held pre-heating), maintaining interpass temperatures, preheat required where low alloy steels are used from minimum plate thickness of 30mm upwards, and flame straightening or flame hardening.

Prior to installing the LINDOFLAMM system and integrating with customers’ existing equipment, Afrox’s Application Development Team will visit the customer’s site to tailor-make a LINDOFLAMM solution that is optimised according to pipe line installation, flow rates and pressure requirements, and conduct trials if appropriate.

The LINDOFLAMM equipment is part of Afrox’s acetylene offer which supports the fabrication industry in the market place. Acetylene is the ideal fuel gas when efficiency, precision and accuracy are required as it produces the highest flame temperatures, providing rapid and concentrated heating. Acetylene also has the highest flame propagation rate, increasing thermal efficiency.

The introduction of Lindoflamm torches and burners has been one of the most innovative developments in the South African welding and cutting industry for some time, says Afrox Application Development Manager – Cutting, Heating and Safety, Hennie van Rhyn. Trials conducted for customers have achieved significant cost savings, compared with existing liquefied petroleum gas heating applications.

Hennie van Rhyn – Application Development Manager – Cutting,

Heating and Safety.



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