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Lotte Chemical Titan successfully develops enhanced variety of LLDPE

Metallocene linear low-density polyethylene (mLLDPE), expands company’s product portfolio in line with ASEAN expansion plans

Lotte Chemical Titan Holding Berhad (LCT) announced that last week, the company has successfully completed a mass production trial of Metallocene linear low-density polyethylene (mLLDPE), an important component in the production of plastic items such as industrial film, food packaging, and stretch and shrink film.
mLLDPE is a thermoplastic and a form of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) using metallocene catalyst. The usage of mLLDPE will allow producers to achieve their output margins with a comparatively lower polymer input, leading to cost savings. mLLDPE has superior transparency and impact strength compared to conventional LLPDE resulting in better efficiency and competitiveness to customers.
“Our breakthrough with mLLDPE comes after several trial productions since 2012. As a company dedicated to continuous innovation, LCT can now introduce to our customers, mLLDPE which is a cleaner and lighter alternative to conventional LLDPE. Commercial production of mLLDPE will effectively widen our product portfolio and we are confident that this product can meet the needs of our local and regional customers given its excellent qualities,” said Dr. Lee Dong Woo, President and CEO of Lotte Chemical Titan Holding Bhd. “
Produced in collaboration with South Korea’s Lotte Chemical Corporation, using the company’s own catalyst technology, mLLDPE will further strengthen Lotte Chemical Titan’s position as the leading polyethylene producer in the region.
With this new development, LCT will be the first producer of mLLDPE in Malaysia and Indonesia, supplying to the domestic market demand of approximately 150 kilotonnes per annum.
Currently, mLLDPE is manufactured at LCT’s PT Lotte Chemical Titan Nusantara plant in Cilegon Indonesia, a strategically-placed manufacturing location, allowing for easy shipment to multiple countries in the region.

LCT targets to begin distribution of mLLDPE within Q4 2017, following customer evaluations.

About Lotte Chemical Titan Holding Berhad

Lotte Chemical Titan (LCT) produces Malaysia’s most comprehensive portfolio of olefins and polyolefins which
contribute to the enhancement of everyday life.
Established in 1991, LCT is Malaysia’s first standalone producer of polyolefins. It is also Malaysia’s largest
producer of olefins and polyolefins. LCT’s production site in Malaysia consists of 11 plants, two co-generation
plants and three tank farms. They are located on two sites in Pasir Gudang and Tanjung Langsat in the state of
Johor. Underground pipelines, shared utilities and controls enable facilities on these sites to operate as a single
integrated petrochemicals complex. Vertical integration of olefins and polyolefins production has enabled the
company to add value and realize gains along the value chain while our customers have the assurance of
consistent quality and dependable supply. This integration facilitates higher operating rates and cushions the
impact of cyclicality.
In 2006, Lotte Chemical Titan acquired PT Lotte Chemical Titan Nusantara, Indonesia’s largest polyethylene
plant. This acquisition boosted its polyethylene capacity by about 80%, making LCT one of the largest
producers of polyolefins in Southeast Asia. LCT was acquired by Lotte Chemical Corporation in 2010 and since
then, has become one of Lotte Chemical Corporation’s largest overseas subsidiaries.

For further information, please contact:
Sunita Kanapathy / / +6012 2261 216
Yasmeen Kaoosji / / +6016 6985 237


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