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Magnet completes design and installation of new energy efficient lighting system at the Unilever warehouse in Pietermaritzburg

Magnet has recently completed the design and installation of a new energy-efficient lighting system at Unilever’s warehouse in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal.

“The objective of this project was to design, supply and install a new lighting system that would improve lighting levels in the warehouse and also reduce energy consumption,” explains Mukhtar Khan, project manager, Magnet. “The Magnet team’s energy-saving solutions for this 45 000 mᶟ building, encompassed the replacement of existing T-bay fittings and fluorescent tubes, with Philips High Bay light emitting diode (LED) luminaires.


A view of the front section of the warehouse depicting the new lighting layout. The previous light configuration required lights on a row by row basis, whereas Magnet’s design required lights at every second aisle within the front section.

“One of the challenges of this project was the tight four-week deadline for completion. An installation of this magnitude would normally require at least two months for site works to be completed. Magnet’s dedicated site crew ensured all the new luminaires were installed and in operation, timeously.”

With the use of the latest lighting technology, Magnet’s custom-made lighting design utilised approximately 170 fewer light fittings than the previous system and is also more energy efficient, with expected savings of up to 62 %. These robust components offer extended service life and need minimal maintenance.


A view from the front of the warehouse towards the aisles of racking. The lux level throughout the warehouse has been significantly improved post project completion.

Improved quality of illuminance levels in the warehouse offers enhanced comfort for workers – an important feature of the installation.

In line with Unilever’s ‘zero-waste-to-landfill’ policy, all redundant T-Bay fixtures and fluorescent tubes were re-cycled.

Magnet’s support service to this Unilever warehouse facility, includes site audits, where performance of luminaires is monitored.

Additional information

Regarding the project, Thulasizwe Ncalane, maintenance engineer of the Unilever warehouse had this to say: “The LED lights used to run the warehouse have assisted us in decreasing power consumption from the grid and CO2 emissions. We are pleased to contribute to the progress of the sustainable growth of business, by reducing the company’s environmental footprint and making the world a better place.”


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