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Magnet energy hot water & wet services

Magnet Energy’s hot water and wet services contracting division offers customised turnkey solutions to ensure energy efficiency in industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.

“Magnet’s hot water and wet services include the design, supply, installation and commissioning of centralised hot water systems, which are built to the highest quality, reliability and safety standards,” says Magnet’s divisional manager, Brett Jones. “These energy efficient systems are suitable for use in many environments, including hospitals, hotels, universities and hostels, prisons and municipalities, as well as industrial, commercial and domestic buildings.”

The wet services and pumping aspect of this division encompass the supply and installation of domestic cold water storage tanks and water boost pumps for domestic water supply, as well as Fire Jockey pumps.

Electrical control panels, which are designed and built in-house, incorporate energy efficient variable speed drive technology for optimum control efficiency.

The heat pump servicing and maintenance team offers a 24 hour support facility throughout the country, to ensure efficient operation and extended service life of every system.

The Magnet Group specialises in the supply, implementation and support of electrical equipment, industrial instrumentation and automation.

For further information Samantha MacDonald, Junior Marketing Manager, Magnet
PO Box 401000, Red Hill, 4071
Telephone (031) 274 1998
Email samantham@magnetgroup.co.za

Web www.magnetgroup.co.za
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