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Magnet’s range of Appleton ATX electrical products for safe use in hazardous areas

Magnet’s extensive range of components for use in hazardous applications, encompasses Appleton ATX instrumentation, electrical control devices and lighting products.

“With the presence of hazardous substances, like flammable gases, in many facilities, it is critical that electrical products provide proper protection to workers and the environment,” states Brian Howarth, managing director of Magnet. “Appleton products, which conform with stringent quality and safety specifications, have been designed to safely illuminate work operations where there are explosive fumes and to deliver power safely to critical production machinery.

“Magnet’s Appleton ATX sockets, plugs, junction boxes and lighting products have been engineered for protection against heat and spark induced ignition. These products withstand operation in corrosive environments, for example on offshore rigs and also in high temperature industries, including mills and refineries.”

Magnet – Appleton ATX fluorescent light fitting

This range of ATX ‘increased safety’ lighting products includes fluorescent lighting, bulkhead lights and flood lights, as well as strobe and beacon fittings.

Magnet also supplies robust electrical controls, enclosures and panelboards. Switches, high visibility pilot lights and customisable control interfaces are designed for easy and accurate operation, to prevent user error and increase production efficiencies.

Explosion proof plugs and sockets ensure that portable equipment in hazardous environments has access to safe, secure and reliable power by preventing the possibility of sparks, arcs and accidental disconnections. These watertight explosion proof fittings have double arc-proof chambers and colour coded housings to prevent the connection of plugs into incorrect voltage receptacles. These receptacles have interlocks to guard against accidental disconnection while the power is still being supplied.

Magnet supports its extensive range of electrical products for explosion protection with a technical advisory, installation, maintenance and support service throughout Southern Africa.

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Samantha MacDonald, Junior Marketing Manager, Magnet
PO Box 401000, Red Hill, 4017
Unit 5 Edstan Business Park, 2 Ibhubesi Rd, Riverhorse Valley, Durban, South Africa
Telephone: (031) 274 1998
Email samantham@magnetgroup.co.za
Web: www.magnetgroup.co.za

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