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Magnet’s Schneider wireless and battery-less pushbutton switches

Magnet’s comprehensive range of Schneider energy management systems includes Harmony™ XB5R wireless and battery-less pushbutton switches, which reduce installation time and costs by eliminating the need for cabling and accessories between the pushbutton and electrical cabinet.

“Advanced technology enables remote control of a relay (receiver) by means of a pushbutton (transmitter). When the operator pushes the button, a dynamo type generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and sends a one-time radio message to one or multiple receivers,” explains says Brian Howarth, managing director, the Magnet Group. “Harmony XB5R wireless and battery-less pushbuttons are designed for optimum control of operations in new and existing applications in many industries, including packaging, cement works, food and beverage, automotive and building.


Magnet’s Schneider wireless and battery-less pushbutton switches – Harmony XB5R

“Typical industrial functions are in production lines and conveying systems. This range also meets global regulations for safe use in for harsh environments, where protection of people and machines is critical. Harmony pushbuttons are also suitable for use in industrial buildings and infrastructures for the control of lighting, door opening and the start-up of fans.”

These wireless and battery-less pushbuttons, which can be used to remotely control machines up to 100 m away, provide greater mobility for operators, who have freedom of movement around a machine.

Other benefits include lower costs and quick installation; the flexibility to add or move a control function and energy efficiency as transmitter pushbuttons are non-current consuming. Up to 32 pushbuttons can be synched to a receiver. The environmentally-friendly battery-less solution offers permanent availability of the control function and eliminates costly battery maintenance, re-charging and recycling.

For user convenience, Magnet has a selection of six ready-to-use packs, which are easy to install and require no configuration. These packs meet the requirements of common applications and include factory pre-programmed transmitters, with plastic or metal pushbuttons and programmable and non-programmable receivers.

The company also supplies components and accessories separately. These parts include transmitters, spring return pushbutton heads, receivers, coloured caps, plastic boxes, relay antennas for large installations or to get around obstacles, metal and fixing collars and self-adhesive plates for engraving.

Magnet – specialists in the supply and support of electrical equipment, industrial instrumentation and automation – has distributed Schneider Electric’s range of energy management systems for nearly 35 years.


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