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Malosia (Pty) Ltd is an electrical company and was established in February 2018. Malosia (Pty) Ltd was established by 4 friends who had the objective to utilise their different electrical knowledge and skills. Due to the nature of our business i.e. electrical and instrumentation service offering, we aimed to establish our business. 

Our service offering entails the following: Electrical installation of pre-paid meters, new DB, isolator for stove, lights with switches and plugs, re-wiring and replacement of Fluorescent Tubes. Our CIDB rating is 1EP and 1EM which is primarily involving development, extension, installation, removal and dismantling. 

The projects completed thus far is of a residential nature and our clientele is largely in Zamdela. We anticipate exploring the commercial arena. Our current project entails the new electrical installation of double-storey houses and various homes 


Mission and purpose of being 

Our mission entails, delivering projects in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. 

Our mission entails, that in pursuit of delivering projects in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, we have adopted safety and quality as our major principle, while trying to satisfy our clients with valuable contribution to our local communities’ welfare. 

Vision for the future 

To be the best local electrical service provider supported by our experience and our desire to succeed. 

We aim to be the leading service provider, in managing projects on time, cost effectively, projecting an honest and reliable focus while sustaining challenging and rewarding work environment for our employees as they are our greatest asset. 

Malosia offers good quality service at affordable rates. We are simultaneously ensuring that our clients receive good quality and good rates on various projects as well as informing them of the danger of electricity from a health and safety aspect, whilst handling projects at various sites. 

Installation within industrial and domestic areas requires a high level of safety and quality. There is always a requirement for electrical services to ensure that facilities are able to render services and that there is a high level of technical skill which is needed. 


Scalability and path to growth 

Building a workshop. and being able to buy material in bulk and sell. 

We anticipate building a workshop which will be used for training employees and to build electrical panels. 

Malosia also plans on buying material in bulk and selling this in order to grow our revenue as an additional income stream. 

Values and beliefs of the business 

Best quality and on time delivery is our business imperative. 

Our business ethic is to adopt a standard at which to deliver, continuously set by us and we aim to achieve higher, at a frequent pace. Our belief is that, quality jobs, bring in solutions especially in having people to have new and improved systems that simplifies the load at their homes. We also place high priority on time delivery of projects. 


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