Mapei cementitious adhesive now available in ultra-white

Chemical and adhesive manufacturer, Mapei, has released an exciting new ultra-white, high-performance cementitious adhesive for use in ceramic, porcelain and especially natural and engineered stone tiling applications. 

The all-new Keraflex S1 Express Ultra-White adhesive is a rapid setting, deformable S1 cementitious adhesive with extended open time that is suitable for a wide range of applications wherever colour matching is important. It is easy to apply by trowel with excellent wetting properties and can be used as a screed for concrete, plywood overlay, existing unglazed ceramic floor tiles, cement-based renders, gypsum plaster, plasterboard and tile backer boards.

According to Zamaswazi Ntobela, Ceramics product manager of Mapei SA, the new adhesive is unique because it allows a longer working period, where after it rapidly sets to provide a high bond strength four to six hours after mixing. This allows floors and walls tiled with Keraflex S1 Express to be grouted and used more rapidly.

“This makes Keraflex S1 Express Ultra-White suitable for interior and exterior applications in public areas such as commercial, residential and airports among others where surfaces need to be put back into service quickly. It is ideal for exterior applications such as swimming pools, balconies and terraces are also possible,” she adds.

The Keraflex S1 Express Ultra-White adhesive is such a versatile product that it has a wide range of other applications. Foremost among these is its suitability as an adhesive for under floor and under tile heating systems. It can also be used for the installation of non-absorbent floor tiles over existing floors where a standard setting adhesive would be too slow.

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