MiX Telematics supports Matla A Bana for Nelson Mandela Day

In celebration of Mandela Day on 18 July, MiX Telematics (JSE: MIX, NYSE: MIXT), a leading global SaaS provider of connected fleet management solutions, is again supporting Matla A Bana. This is the only NGO with an official memorandum of understanding with the South Africa Police Service (SAPS). MiX Telematics will contribute to comfort packs distributed by Matla A Bana to police stations across Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

Matla A Bana creates child-friendly reporting facilities at police stations, courts, and hospitals

Matla A Bana creates child-friendly reporting facilities at police stations, courts, and hospitals. It also supplies comfort packs to abused children reporting incidents of crime. The packs include items like a teddy bear, colouring book, crayons, food, and emergency items. These comfort packs assist with quicker disclosures by the victims, which in turn facilitates faster arrests and being able to get much quicker medical help for the victims.

Matla A Bana plays a crucial role in supporting and minimising the secondary trauma that abused children suffer when they report their perpetrators to authorities. It trains officers of the law and medical practitioners in the soft skills needed to assist child victims more effectively. In addition, they host education programmes at schools. South African crime statistics confirm that violence against children is a massive problem in the country, making the work of organisations like these vital to help improve the well-being of children.

For Mandela Day, MiX Telematics is again supporting the Matla a Bana NGO

“Let us make a difference, raise your hand, and contribute your 67 minutes to this worthy cause. Through the community’s active participation, we can unite against child abuse and make a real impact where it is most needed,” comments MiX Telematics Africa MD, Gert Pretorius.

For more information, visit www.mixtelematics.com.

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