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Morpho South Africa* releases ‘toughest ever’ biometric terminal for harsh conditions

Designed to withstand the most demanding environments, the new MorphoAccess® SIGMA Extreme, a ruggedized biometric terminal for access control and time and attendance, is now available in the sub-Saharan African market.

This latest addition to the award winning SIGMA family of readers is built to endure everything from dust, salt mist and rain, to attempted vandalism and accidental impacts – protected by strong polycarbonate plastics, thick tempered glass and meticulous sealing.

Succeeding to the previous-generation Outdoor MorphoAccess 500 series, it capitalises on the latest waves of technology and advancements to give industrial users the most reliable and resilient biometric solutions. It features very responsive touchscreen controls and a biometric sensor that is certainly the largest single fingerprint sensor on the local market.

“This new terminal is impervious to dust, rain and other elements. It is ideally suited for industrial environments, manufacturing plants, mines, construction sites, power plants and the like,” explains Nicolas Garcia, Morpho’s regional director of Sales for sub-Saharan Africa.


Every aspect of the MA SIGMA Extreme is designed with the harshest conditions in mind. For instance, an ambient light sensor ensures ultra-bright touchscreen to improve usability when in direct sunlight and a powerful loudspeaker enables users to catch sound messages even in noisy environments.

Nicolas Garcia says that the terminal also goes a long way to addressing issues of fraud at sites such as mines and construction sites: “Aside from our world-class, patented fake finger detection technology, the MA SIGMA Extreme also features face detection and picture logging, a ‘duress’ finger option, a timed anti-pass back feature, and the ability to hold lists of banned users.”

Its 16 programmable function keys enable individuals to clock-in with different job codes. Storing logs of up to 1 million records, and integrating directly into holiday scheduling, this helps operations managers keep far closer manage their resources and project costs.

Finally, at software level, the MA SIGMA Extreme boasts a flexible architecture with various software integrations possibilities, to ensure easy deployment and address multiple use case scenarios.

*Morpho South Africa is a subsidiary of Safran Identity & Security now called OT Morpho

Find out more about MorphoAccess® SIGMA Extreme series at www.morpho.com

Oberthur Technologies (OT) and Safran Identity & Security (Morpho) are joining forces to create a world leader in digital security & identification technologies with the ambition to empower citizens and consumers alike to interact, pay, connect, commute, travel and even vote safely in ways that are now possible in a connected world.

Last September, Safran announced that it had entered into exclusive negotiations with Advent International, the owner of Oberthur Technologies since 2011, to sell its identity and security activities and the transaction was finalized on 31st May 2017.

With a mix of complementary activities addressing the specific needs of five major industries (Financial services, Telecom, Identity, Security and IoT), OT-Morpho has an extensive global presence and a unique technological expertise (Biometrics, Authentication, Digital security, Data and video analytics).

With close to €3 billion in revenues, OT-Morpho employs more than 14,000 people worldwide, nearly 2,000 of whom work in the field of R&D.

“We are truly excited about combining OT and Morpho, two highly complementary leading companies. This merger will bring something completely new to the market, with trusted identities at the core of our solutions. As our physical and digital, civil and commercial lifestyles converge, OT-Morpho stands precisely at that crossroads to leverage the best in digital security and identity technologies, including biometrics, to offer customized solutions to its clients,” declared Didier Lamouche, CEO of OT-Morpho.

Temporarily designated by the name “OT-Morpho”, the company will unveil its new name in September of this year.

For more information: www.morpho.com

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