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New milling drum assembly extends the range of applications of the Wirtgen W 150 CF/W 150 CFi

From now on, the class leader W 150 CF/W 150 CFi can also be equipped with a 1,800-mm milling drum assembly. Customers therefore profit from a wider range of applications. The most powerful machine in the compact milling machine class with its 298-kW engine power, it now achieves even greater productivity and area output. The front loader will be unveiled with its new milling drum assembly at Intermat 2018.

Wide range of working widths for maximum cost-efficiency
The W 150 CF/W 150 CFi can tackle a wide array of different jobs, ranging from classic small milling machine applications such as partial road surface repairs to the removal of entire road pavements. The milling machine is therefore especially suitable for large-scale projects in confined spaces such as on urban job sites. Particularly in such conditions, the sophisticated visibility concept combined with the camera systems help the machine operator to maneuver the milling machine.

With the Flexible Cutter System, users can switch between milling drums with different working widths of 600 mm, 900 mm, 1,200 mm and 1,500 mm simply and very quickly. In addition, with the 1,500-mm working width it is possible to switch to milling drums with different tool spacings.

A new extension kit is now also available which extends the milling drum housing by 300 mm. With this kit, the W 150 CF/W 150 CFi has a working width of 1,800 mm, making it even more versatile and also ideal for surface course rehabilitation on medium to large job sites.


The Wirtgen W 150 compact milling machine

Efficient RAP loading
Alongside milling and cutting technology, loading conveyor construction is another of Wirtgen’s core competencies. To ensure efficient direct loading of the milled material onto trucks, the loading conveyor system of the milling machines has a high loading capacity. A larger cleat profile on the discharge conveyor of the W 150 CF/W 150 CFi guarantees optimum material transport and, with the higher conveyor speed, precise loading is also very fast. Another advantage is the extremely large conveyor slewing angle of 60° to the left and the right, which also enables milled material to be loaded under difficult site conditions such as on traffic circles or crossings.

Fast site-to-site transfer due to simple transportation
To maximize the cost-effectiveness of milling operations, cold milling machines need to be transported quickly from one site to the next. This is especially true when the machines are as versatile in various applications as the W 150 CF/W 150 CFi. Wirtgen’s top performer therefore has an optimized machine transport weight despite its tremendous engine power.

Meanwhile, preparing the machine for transport is a time-saving process, since the hydraulically operated folding conveyor can be folded quickly. These features ensure that the high-performance milling machine is ready for action again in next to no time.


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