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New scrub-head sizes allow for highest cleaning performance

The productivity-enhancing features of the Tennant T500e scrubber-dryer, distributed exclusively by Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE), part of the Goscor Group, provides for the highest performance on almost any hard-floor surface conditions.

GCE National Sales Director Peter Esterhuizen explains that the T500e represents an upgrade of the T5, including new scrub head sizes, available in five different configurations. “The new model offers unmatched versatility and consistent results, while lowering total cleaning costs, due to its no-nonsense, easy-to-use design.”


The T500es easy-access front bucket fill location ensures ease of filling

The machine’s redesigned squeegee and integrated P-trap reduce the risk of slips and falls, while also improving water pick-up and preventing water from dripping onto floors after cleaning. The optional flow-control valve decreases the risk of contact with dirty recovery water, which mitigates the need for secondary cleaning in the event of any spillages.

Esterhuizen notes that the T500e provides for faster scrub and transport speeds, thanks to a high-speed transaxle that increases productivity. It also has longer run-times, in addition to new daily maintenance yellow touch points. The new easy-access front bucket fill location makes it easy to fill the machine as well.

The T500e’s 85 ℓ solution tank is easy to clean, which prevents the build-up of mould, bacteria, and other contaminants. The propel direction switch and speed settings are easy-to-reach due to improved operator ergonomics.

The machine has extremely low noise levels of between 67.4 dBA and 68.3 dBA. It comes standard with two down pressure settings and four water-flow settings, with a front fill port. Depending on the scrubber system set-up, the T500e can cover distances from 1 911 m2/h to 2 389 m2/h, with an average scrubbing speed of 4 kph.

In addition, parts, service and maintenance plans are available exclusively through GCE. This substantially reduces rework time, labour and safety costs, translating into the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of the unit. “We offer our customers a selection of service plans designed to meet their specific cleaning-equipment needs, giving them peace of mind,” Esterhuizen highlights.

Optional extras available include the Smart-Fill™ automatic battery watering system, which provides for safe, virtually worry-free automatic battery watering. The system optimises long-term battery performance thanks to wet maintenance-free batteries and on/off-board charges with a power cord. It can also be supplied with the new ec-H20 NanoCleanTM cleaning technology, and an improved parking brake when using ˃2% ramps.


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