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Optimal solutions for all adhesive and sealant requirements

Optimal solutions for virtually all adhesive and sealant requirements are available from leading supplier Bearings International (BI) in the form of the Loctite brand of adhesives, sealants, and surface treatments.

The range includes acrylic, anaerobic, epoxy, hot melt silicone, urethane, and UV light curing technologies. The main applications are thread-locking, pipe and thread sealing, gasketing, retaining, instant and structural bonding, flexible sealing, wearing compounds, and surface preparation.

Market segments include general industry, engineering, food and beverage manufacture, mining, agriculture, hospitals, power and water supply, and automotive. “Loctite’s vast range ensures solutions for virtually all adhesive and sealant requirements,” BI Business Unit Head Ross Trevelyan notes.


The extensive range from Loctite ensures solutions for virtually all adhesive and sealant requirements

“By providing instant solutions, cost-savings can be made by keeping downtime to a minimum. Loctite adhesives and sealants help industries around the world to reduce maintenance costs, increase reliability, and improve the safety and efficiency of plant and equipment,” Trevelyan explains.

In addition, Loctite invests extensively in its research-and-development capability into innovative technology to keep it ahead of the pack. The company is currently introducing a new range of structural bonders and adhesives powered by innovative hybrid technology.

Known as the ‘hybrid’ range, benefits include ultra-fast fixing and reduced downtime, a high gap-filling capability, excellent for universal repairs, a rapid bond strength on many materials such as metal, rubber, plastics, wood, paper, and leather, gel products that are non-drip, and good moisture, temperature, and chemical resistance for long-lasting and reliable repairs.

“The new range incorporates technologies and attributes taken from several of Loctite’s top adhesives and sealants that have been moulded into hybrids, allowing for a wider range of repairs, with fewer products. This, in turn, means a reduction in inventory, while offering a broader range of solutions,” Trevelyan comments.

Loctite products can be used in conjunction with many of the solutions-providing services and products from BI, including fitment and assembly, surface preparation, cleaning, and rust prevention. “We have had success in a variety of industrial sectors, such as automotive, agriculture, mining, heavy industry, and general engineering,” Trevelyan adds.

Loctite has regional technicians throughout South Africa, who are available to assist with recommendations and product identification. On-site visits to assist customers can also be arranged. In addition, BI has a dedicated Product Manager who can assist with product identification and recommendations.

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