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Piping specialists combine for supply of pipe fittings to a Burkina Faso gold mine

Thermoplastic piping specialist, Plasti-Tech, recently met a stringent lead time for an urgent order of a range of German-made HDPE injection moulded fittings supplied to Rendifield, a South African manufacturer and supplier of piping systems, for export to a Burkina Faso gold mine.    

When recently contracted to supply HDPE injection moulded fittings by a Burkina Faso gold mine, Rendifield turned to its fellow South African thermoplastic piping specialist, Plasti-Tech, for a range of German-made fittings from specialist manufacturer Bänninger. Founded in 2011, Rendifield specialises in the manufacture, supply and fabrication of thermoplastic HDPE, PP and PVC piping systems. Plasti-Tech is the sole distributor of the Bänninger range of pipes and fittings suitable for all areas of industrial application locally.


Plasti-Tech’s HDPE injection moulded fittings ordered by Burkino Faso Gold Mine

According to Mike Enslin, Managing Director of Rendifield, the R600 000 order was placed with Plasti-Tech in late November 2017 for importation of HDPE injection moulded fittings from German manufacturer, Bänninger. A key challenge was the stringent lead time for the supply of the order, which was urgently needed for a processing plant expansion project at the Burkina Faso gold mine.

“A key challenge was that the order was placed with Plasti-Tech just before the year-end shutdown and the order lead time was a key concern. However, Plasti-Tech managed to supply the order on time as per the quoted lead time,” says Enslin. Rendifield took delivery of its order in late February this year.

Apart from the quality, well-priced product, Enslin says Plati-Tech was chosen to supply this order for its service efficiency, which has since been demonstrated by the ability to meet the tight lead time. “As a result, Plati-Tech shall remain our first choice supply partner for high-quality imported HDPE pipe fittings,” concludes Enslin.


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