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Type DBIplug-valve-double-block-bleed-inspection-service

The AZ-Armaturen double block and bleed valve is a plug valve with two independent sealing areas which provide a tight seal against pressure from both ends of the valve. Additionally, the cavity between the sealing areas can be vented/bleeded (DBI Type A) in order to recognise a leakage on one sealing immediately.

The AZ-Armaturen double block and bleed valves are used in critical applications where any kind of leakage is not allowed to occur. Furthermore, the valve can be fitted upstream and/or downstream with additional inspection valves (Type B & C).

This provides the advantage of inspection capabilities of the medium and draining possibilities for revision-service. The AZ-Armaturen double block and bleed valve can be operated manually or fully actuated.


The AZ sales team is looking forward to assisting you with all your technical questions.

More About AZ-Armaturen: 

  • The AZ-Armaturen Group manufactures valves for applications with highest requirements for the following industries: chemical, petrochemical, mining, oil & gas, fertilizer, processing, food, pharma, etc.
  • The product range contains the following valves: self-lubricating plug valves, actuated valves, multi-port valves, full bore plug valves, heat jacketed valves, fully lined valves, sampling systems, special valves
  • AZ-Armaturen provides after sales services such as refurbishments, technical consultancy, on-site support, special designs, flow calculations, breakdown and 24 hour services.

AZ-Armaturen South Africa Pty Ltd
28 Derick Coetzee Street, Boksburg, 1459, South Africa
Telephone: +27 (0) 11 397-3665



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