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Preventing building fire incidents with fischer FireStop from Upat

The fischer FireStop range aids in the compartmentalisation of fire, smoke, and toxic gases, ensuring the safety of building occupants and protecting properties in the event of any fire incidents.

The fischer FireStop range, comprising of passive fire-prevention systems, is available exclusively in South Africa from leading distributor Upat. The range provides for non-mechanical fire compartmentalisation, which means it does not require electricity or any external power source to block off any wall openings where fire or smoke could escape through.

Protecting building passageways from potential heat and smoke damage will also ensure that tenants can evacuate safely in the event of any fire incident. Upat’s National Product Specialist Charl Weber explains that fischer FireStop is ideal for protecting essential building services such as pipes, electrical wires, cable trays, and ducting.


The fischer FireStop range is available exclusively from leading distributor Upat

The fischer FireStop range consists of sealants, mastics, blocks, foam, flexible graphite strips, steel sleeves, and intumescent pillows. Locally it is being applied increasingly in the pre- and post-building phases of project developments.

This is important, especially as national building regulations are becoming increasingly more stringent. The regulations in question include SANS 10177-2:2005 for fire testing of materials, components and elements used in buildings, which has boosted the popularity of products such as fischer FireStop.

Pre-installation not only ensures compliance, but also reduces the overall cost. Therefore, Upat can assess a building design in conjunction with a project engineer, and what additional anchors and other products are required for any retrofitting.

Recent high-profile projects showcasing the flexibility of fischer FireStop include the Government Printing Works building in Pretoria, luxury apartments in Sandton, government archive facilities in Mbombela and Pretoria, and even laboratories at the University of Witwatersrand and University of Pretoria.


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