Prowalco Tatsuno has been at the forefront of the forecourt since 1961

Prowalco Tatsuno, a Bud Group Company, has the largest and most sophisticated pump-service infrastructure on the African continent. It provides this service under contract or on an ad hoc basis to all of the major oil companies in South Africa from its branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Prowalco Tatsuno also has service operations in Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana.

Prowalco Tatsuno is the sole African distributor of the Tatsuno Corporation range of pumps and dispensers, manufactured by Tatsuno of Japan, which became a shareholder in 2018. Tatsuno is the leading fuel-dispenser manufacturer in Asia.

In addition to distributing the cutting-edge Tatsuno range of products, Prowalco also uses its exceptional high-quality hydraulic components in its locally-designed and assembled range of products.


Prowalco Tatsuno maintains sophisticated pump-service infrastructure

“The relationship between Prowalco and Tatsuno has strengthened over the years, as both companies share the goal of delivering the best quality and most technologically-advanced products to the oil industry,” CEO Annali May comments.

Prowalco Tatsuno moved to new premises in November last year, following its establishment in its old premises in 1961. “It was time for a change that suited the new management team, our new values, and our world-class technology. The new premises have brought new energy and forward-thinking to all of our employees,” May highlights.

Prowalco Tatsuno has been acknowledged as Supplier of the Year for 2018 by Franklin Fueling Systems of the US, a global leader of complete fuelling systems. This is the second consecutive year Prowalco Tatsuno has been acknowledged by Franklin, having clinched New Business Partner in 2017.

The fact that Prowalco Tatsuno manufactures locally means that customers can rest assured of having access to readily-available spares on a fast turnaround. The Prowalco UPP project team can deliver a complete package of UPP pipework, manhole chambers, dispenser containment, submersible pumps and smart fuel stock and environmental monitoring systems.

Projects are designed around exact customer needs and delivered in a single shipment, ready for installation. “We also test equipment on-site, and provide sign-off once installation has been completed,” Senior Project Manager Barend Bekker explains.

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