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Reliable and economical plastic flow meter

KOBOLD, represented locally by Instrotech, has on offer a plastic flow meter and a monitor; KSK/KSM that work on the ‘suspended float’ measuring principle, where the float glides up and down in a conical measuring tube.

The units, constructed of polyamide or polysulfone material, easily handle a variety of corrosive media, as well as all neutral media. Their light weight makes them ideally suited for systems which cannot be statically loaded, for example, non-stationary technical systems.  The units find application in cooling circuits, water treatment and plant engineering.

The standard measuring ranges of model KSK are 1.5 – 11 … 100 – 1000 l/h water and 0.15 – 0.45 … 20 – 105 Nm³/h air. Model KSM’s ranges are 15 – 150 … 8000 – 60000 l/h water, 0.8 – 5 … 300 – 2500 Nm³/h air.


The maximum temperature range depends on the design and options, and varies from max. 60 °C to max. 100 °C. Maximum pressure for KSK is PN10, (PN16 for KSM). The % scale can be replaced by scales with other units on request (l/min., Gallons/min.). The scale length and direct readability of the float position guarantee an accurate identification of the reading and a visual inspection of the measured medium.

By upgrading the instrument with a potential free reed contact, users can also have an economical flow monitor with bi-stable function in addition to the flow meter function. The screw cap allows an easy installation in any system. Corresponding screw fittings are available on request.

Special advantages:

  • Rugged and shock/corrosion resistant
  • Special scales can be attached
  • Guide rails for limit switches, which can be retrofitted
  • Nominal sizes, measuring range and measuring tube material are all marked

For more information on Kobold’s KSK/KSM plastic flowmeter, contact Instrotech on 010 595 1831 or sales@instrotech.co.za

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