Reliable and safe operation of CNG stations with SICK FLOWSIC500

SICK’s FLOWSIC500 gas meter, used in State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic’s (SOCAR) transfer and measurement stations, has shown to meet stringent CNG production protocols.

To produce, transport and store CNG, natural gas needs to be compressed to very high pressures. Due to this, high demands are often placed in terms of the purity of the natural gas and the safety and quality of all technical systems in relation to CNG.

The FLOWSIC500 gas meter employed in a SOCAR transfer and measurement station.

Delivering the required safety and reliability for continuous and blockage-free gas supply, the FLOWSIC500 surpasses competition of conventional rotary turbine meters, offering the ideal solution for SOCAR’s transfer and measurement stations.

Other factors in favour of the FLOWSIC500 include robustness, low maintenance requirements and compact space requirements, as no inflow or outflow zones are required. Lastly, 3-inch/DN80 devices are used, which deliver reliable and safe measurements even under dynamic flow conditions.

CNG in the Global Market

Among municipal and public service providers around the world, CNG is growing in popularity. Recognised as a commercially viable and more eco-friendly solution, CNG lowers costs, reduces emissions, and decreases noise pollution by up to 30%.

Particularly in countries and regions where expansion of renewable energies and storage technologies are not as economically viable, CNG use in communal sectors is a fast and inexpensive solution for reducing emissions.

In cooperation with local energy providers from around the world, SICK has successfully implemented several CNG projects in recent years.

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