Rockwell Automation operator terminals now support richer, more robust content

PanelView 5510 terminals now support up to 500 screens, display video and other content following updates to Studio 5000 View Designer software

Machine builders can now create richer, more advanced human-machine interface (HMI) applications on the PanelView 5510 operator terminals from Rockwell Automation.

New versions of the Studio 5000 View Designer software and PanelView firmware expand the amount and types of information that can be provided on PanelView 5510 terminals. Key enhancements include:

A new web-browser functionality allows the PanelView 5510 operator terminals to support a wider range of content. For example, they can now display videos to show operators how to perform certain production tasks. They can show IP camera feeds to give operators visibility into locations like remote or dangerous areas of a facility. And they can display content like hyperlinked help files and online scheduling systems.


Up to 500 screens can now be supported on the PanelView 5510 operator terminals. This can help machine builders create a wide range of screens for setup and operation activities for more complex applications. Users will also see design time and runtime performance improvements, like the ability to switch between screens up to two times faster.

Automatic diagnostics are now available just by connecting any PanelView 5000 terminal to a Rockwell Automation Logix controller (version 33 or later). Diagnostic information is provided automatically, without any programming required. This can help machine builders provide self-monitoring machines that can alert users of control system issues when they occur.

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