S600 Compressed Air Purity Analyser to ISO 8573 Standards

Compressed air quality is critical to a wide variety of end users.   Compressed air can contain a wide range of impurities, these include, water vapour sucked into the air compressor from atmosphere, oil from the compressor station, and airborne particles from the compressed air distribution system and/or the air intake of the compressor. These contaminants are all present in almost any airline.

Compressed air treatment using filters and dryers are an effective barrier to airline contamination, but nothing is ever perfect.

The SUTO iTEC S600 compressed air purity analyser covers all the above bases with a portable or fixed installation variant the S601

Until recently the ability to audit the c/air quality in a system was distinctly difficult, if not darn near impossible. Advances in this area have accelerated rapidly in the last few years. Clients and professional auditors now have the ability to measure contaminants with stunning accuracy in the following areas.

  • Compressed air dew point
  • Particle counts within the air stream 
  • Oil vapour carry over in the line after the c/air treatment package 

There are two options for end users, a fixed monitoring station, that monitors on a permanent basis or a a portable auditing option for auditors or compliance officers in large facilities or hospitals.

The SUTO iTEC S600 compressed air purity analyser covers all the above bases with a portable or fixed installation variant, the S601.

Artic Driers International offers both solutions. The S600 portable system is now available for clients that require infrequent auditing anywhere in South Africa, or clients may elect to install a permanent fixed system.   Either option provides a compressed air system overview that covers all the aspects of ISO 8573 and provides easy to read reports that tells the operator or auditor the status of the Compressed air system.    The SUTO-iTEC units have the capability to analyse the air flow to these levels.

  • Dewpoint measurement from -100 …to +20°C Td
  • Particle measurement from 0.1… ≤5 µm
  • Oil vapour measurement from 0.003…10,000 mg/m3

The use of this equipment ensures that your air systems complies with your ISO 8573 air standard that is relevant to your industry.  Distribution and on-site auditing is handled by Artic Driers International based in Benoni Gauteng.

Artic Driers Int is a level 2 family-owned company that has a 30 year history in the compressed air treatment industry in South Africa. Operating from a well equipment  facility in Benoni it continues to  grow and develop new compressed air  solutions for Southern Africa.

Web: www.articdriers.co.za

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