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SA lubricant market gets the Royal Purple treatment from Filter Focus

Leading wear-control specialist Filter Focus launched the Royal Purple premier lubricant brand into the South African market at a Speed Week media event in August, held at The Rock Raceway in Benoni, Gauteng.


SA lubricant market gets the Royal Purple treatment from Filter Focus

Manufactured in the US by Calumet Specialty Products, Royal Purple has a full range of lubricants for all industrial, commercial, automotive and consumer applications. “Filter Focus is proud to be associated with Royal Purple, which offers the highest level of protection, while reducing friction co-efficiency and associated parasitic losses. With Royal Purple lubricants significant energy saving can be gained,” Chief Operating Officer Craig FitzGerald comments.

He adds that this US based premier lubricant brand offers the lowest total cost of ownership in terms of improved performance and output, while dramatically extending Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

“Industrial users have the most to gain in terms of equipment reliability, performance gains and financial savings, however if you have a high-performance sports car, daily driver, truck, tractor, bus or even lawnmower, the Royal Purple treatment is immediately evident upon start-up,” FitzGerald stresses. Local South African dynamometer testing on road vehicles indicates that horsepower output is increased by 5% on average, with dramatically improved consistency throughout the power curve.

An example of performance superiority; Royal Purple high-speed lubricants have allowed the China Star bullet-train project to set a new rail-speed record of 321.5 kph. Competitor products, selected as a group of 27 of the best greases available globally, were only able to achieve speeds of up to 160 kph before bearing failure.

Royal Purple has over 200 years of accumulated expertise in high-performance lubricants. Unlike competitors that focus only on fuel and other petroleum by-products, Royal Purple’s sole mission is to develop products that significantly outperform other synthetic and mineral-based oils.

“Synerlec additive technology is the cornerstone of the Royal Purple product range,” FitzGerald highlights. Synerlec creates an ionic bond that adheres to metal parts to provide continuous protection, even at start-up. This ionic bond retains a lubricating film on the metal surface long after ordinary lubricants succumb to pressure and heat.


The rally car

In addition, Synerlec-enhanced lubricants improve metal surfaces by actually boosting the viscosity as the pressure increases. FitzGerald adds that Filter Focus has launched Royal Purple consumer lubricants locally as “an on-line store with a difference. We provide personalised, hands-on advice and service for all of your lubrication needs.”


Royal Purple has a full range of lubricants for all industrial commercial automotive and consumer applications.

For detailed product information on the Royal Purple product range, visit

About Filter Focus
Filter Focus SA was established in January 2002 with the aim of establishing the concept of combination filtration and eliminating contamination-related wear and failures in heavy industrial equipment.

Filter Focus Contact
Craig FitzGerald
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: (011) 315 9939


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