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SAIMC Tshwane Branch- Past technical Evening:

Past technical Evening:

The July tech evening focused on “Advanced Operating Graphics (AOG)” by Yokogawa as presented by Ilbehr Theron, Sales and Proposals Specialist. Ilbehr spoke about Console operator challenges i.e. Being overwhelmed with alarms and graphics that make the job harder rather than easier and impact this has on “split second decisions” operators face. Invariably operators spend too much time finding and understanding information on their displays. The concept of “Advanced Decision Support (ADS)” was also introduced namely: Use of technology to provide the operator with the right information, in the right format, at the right time to make the correct decision were by focus is placed on “Alarm Management, HMI Design, Procedure/Batch Management and Control Room Environment were Operations & Ergonomics knowledge-based approach generates desired outcomes:

The above approach results in 1.) Increase productivity by speeding up decision-making, 2.) Improve safety by early identification of abnormal situations / blocking false recognition, 3.) Improving work environment by due to less stress and 4.) Ensure skills transfer by translating skills of operators and process engineers to explicit knowledge. Other concepts introduced include “naturalistic decision-making process”, Picture Superiority Effect of using verbal and written encoding, data vs. information, 7±2 rule: George Millar, Princeton Univ. 1956.

AOG focusses on: Hierarchy of graphics, Selecting process data on graphics, Visualization of process data, Layout of graphics and Navigation between graphics. Based on some case studies undertaken it was found that Required time to completion was 35 to 48% shorter and Percentage of success equated to a 25% improvement. Reference was also made to standard associations and respective specifications / guidelines used as input into AOG.

Some brief feedback re past period:

FIRST ROBOTICS SA: Virtual meeting took place on 7 July between SAIMC NAT CO and FIRST during which it was agreed that SAIMC would become official sponsor of the First Tech Challenge (FTC) program. The requirement is around R150K PA to cover: annual license fee which is around R70K, R30K per KIT, R25K per competition and around R20K in operating fees. The point of contact is COO from SAIMC. Petrus is to draft Business Plan and MoU to finalize agreement. Note a scrimmage (competition) is planned for Saturday 5 August at TUT PTA campus building 13 from 12:00. Please support event.

Manufacturing Indaba: A follow up / way forward meeting is planned for 4th of August with Ms. Liz Hart MD of event. Petrus have been asked to write MoU. More will be communicated following meeting.

SAIMC NAT COM GALA: Please save the date of Friday 1 September (evening) for what promises to be yet another extravagant event to be hosted by SAIMC at the very prestigious Montecasino Ballroom. The event has been brought forward to allow for SAIMC to invite Dr. Adriana Marais who has been short listed in top 100 out of 200,000 people, earmarked to go to Mars in 2025 as part of the Mars One Project. Cost of event will be communicated in due course by NAT COM along with sponsor opportunities.

SAIMC Tshwane Social Function: OCTOBERFEST: Our branch hopes to attend the Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria annual October Fest event on the evening of Friday 15th of September. The cost to secure a seat is R185 per head and seating works in groups of 8 per table and allows for some branding and tables to be placed adjacently. The price includes entertainment, waiter and parking while meal / drinks can be bought on the evening. TO SECURE YOUR SEAT(S) PLEASE PAY R185-00 PER PERSON BY COB 25 AUGUST into account: P Klopper, ABSA ACC #: 623532623, BC: 632005. USE YOUR NAME AS REFERNCE AND SEND PROOF OF PAYMENT TO PETRUS. PS. The event is open to any interested party and not limited to Tshwane branch only. Tickets are selling out fast.

Industry Trade Association: Petrus sent a short form framework document for consideration to South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) who approached us to try and assist in establishing such an association within C&I industry. Next step is hopefully some form of “public participation” with some of the estimated 700 C&I companies, etc. in industry. More info to follow.

SAIMC NAT COM: Jurie has been tasked to setup a SAIMC meeting to discuss some challenges within SAIMC resourcing since as SAIMC is growing it is becoming difficult to coordinate events such as Golf day, etc. Jurie proposed: March, Julie, August, November or December for golf day and also perhaps looking at regional event. Please feel free to revert back with suggestions.




A 2nd technical evening took place by P&F re Intrinsically Safety and Panels. Should you wish to join this data base please contact Petrus so you may be added as we have different lists.


We wanted to co-host technical evening on same date as the TUT presentation however are having challenges to firm up venue so will postpone the technical evening until later. This should however not be an issue as we should get enough points by presenting at the respective institutions. PS we have started an email list should you wish to be on it let Petrus know.

Request for loan equipment for BTech Industrial Project:

One of the fulltime students at UNISA has contacted me to ask if someone may be able to loan her some equipment for her project. She is in need of some instrumentation (level / pressure / temperature / PH), VSD / Soft starter, networking equipment (Profinet, Profibus / Industrial Ethernet). She needs it before end of September. If you / your company can assist please contact me then I will connect you.


For more information please contact any one of the committee members. We appreciate any new members so also please feel free to share.

Thank you kindly,

Petrus Klopper

SAIMC Tshwane Branch Committee (Vice Chairman, Secratary & Technology) and

National Committee (Professional Service / Standards Sub-Committee)

082 559 7437



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