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SAIMC Tshwane Branch Tech Eve Invite 4th of July – Topic: Calibration – Neccessary Evil of Quality Driver by WIKA

Dear SAIMC member / interested party.                                                                                         July 2018

Please find enclosed some of the latest news and invite from the Tshwane branch.

Month Presentation:

As always at SAIMC Branch meetings, bring your technical concerns, bring colleagues and friends, and come for a cocktail of friendships, business alliances and like-minded people, united by the desire to be the best in the world of Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control. Visitors are welcome.

Previous Month Presentation:

SAIMC Tshwane Branch was fortunate to have Mr’s. Rob Burns and Frederik Langenhoven from Pepperl+Fuchs provide an overview of Industry 4.0, its influence on existing plant structures and the advanced physical layer. Topics discussed include: 1. Introduction into Industry 4.0, 2. Process control architectures namely: NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) and Open Process Automation (OPA), 3. How to make existing plants Industry 4.0 capable and 5. The need for speed –Advanced Physical Layer (APL).


An extract from the presentation which is available on request is depicted above.

Some brief feedback re past period:

FIRST ROBOTICS SA (FRSA): The final action to comply with MoU is for FRSA to complete a business plan / marketing document which may be used to apply for capital from prospective sponsors. Petrus has commented on 1st draft and am awaiting final draft. Note Jurie will take over managing relationship.

SAIMC NAT COM: Some of the national committee attended Cape Town workshop at which Minister of Trade and Industry spoke about latest program re skill development, more information to be communicated via national channels. SAIMC was also very fortunate to receive significant amount of floor space at recent Manufacturing Indaba to promote organization. Some of the floor space was shared with some of the National Patrons. SAIMC further spoke at some of the events formed part of panels. More will be communicated at national level as SAIMC also played a role at the IIOT conference. Petrus also attended the Association representing electronics industry (AREI) annual breakfast. We are finalizing MOU. Synergy exist due to fact that SAIMC profession use electronics extensively.


All the technical evenings for the year have been booked and we look forward to hosting you:




More visits may be setup on an ad-hoc basis. Ps. Petrus is engaging with AEROSUD re feasibility for a visit, more to follow.


Thank you kindly to our patrons for ongoing support:




Other items we may wish to conclude this year includes setting up own bank account also (Jurie).

For more information please contact any one of the committee members. We appreciate any new members so also please feel free to share.

Thank you kindly,

Petrus Klopper

SAIMC Tshwane Branch Committee (Chairman & Technology) and

National Committee (Professional Service / Standards Sub-Committee)

082 559 7437



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