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SEW-EURODRIVE appoints new Cape Town branch manager

SEW-EURODRIVE has announced that Jason Jackson has been appointed Branch Manager in Cape Town, effective from the beginning of April. Jackson will continue to grow the drive and automation specialist’s presence in the Western Cape.

From fisheries to mining, wineries, bottling, fruit, and wastewater treatment works, the Western Cape region continues to be an important focus for SEW-EURODRIVE. With a 1 000 m2 office space, a 2 500 m2 workshop floor space and 29 staff, the branch assembles all of the company’s small geared units, servo motors, and MOVIGEAR® products for distribution countrywide.


SEW-EURODRIVE Cape Town Branch Manager Jason Jackson

“Some of our most popular products in the Western Cape are our smaller gear units and servo motors for precision applications, in addition to MOVIGEAR® products for bottling plants. Automation is a growing trend that will only get bigger due to the increasing demand for more efficient machines and plants in order to avoid human influence and error,” Jackson comments.

Jackson commenced his career at SEW-EURODRIVE Nelspruit in Internal Sales from 2001 to 2002, followed quickly by a promotion to Sales Engineer, and a transfer to Cape Town in 2006. His new role comprises the day-to-day running of the branch, assisting the sales force and operations, and optimising the production line and delivery times to boost output, as well as rearranging the sales areas to avoid any cross-pollination and streamline specific product ranges into required areas.

Jackson comments that he believes in a democratic leadership style, with the focus on a unified team with family values. “This is what continues to make the Cape Town branch so successful. Everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to make things work, which underscores our integrated, total solutions approach to our customers and their diverse requirements and applications,” he concludes.

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