Single point of access for industry standards and regulations across Africa

Compliance and regulation are critical elements for the successful implementation of any project across the world. Imagine having a single point of access to international industry standards for projects – this is now all possible through an innovative online platform called Engineering Workbench from BWA (Bateman, Watling & Associates). 

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, BWA is the channel partner representing S&P Global Engineering Solutions. S&P Global is the market leader in providing technical standards and specifications, journals, patent intelligence, root cause analysis and parts management databases to corporations around the world across a multitude of industries.

Maxine Nunes

Maxine Nunes, a Standards Specialist at BWA, explains that the world is transitioning into an age of digitalization and when it comes to the purchasing of necessary standards, the concept of physical copies has become redundant. Engineering Workbench is an online platform that provides access to about 1.8 million international standards applicable to a range of industries.

The benefit of an online platform is that you have access to changes and developments at the touch of a button. Additionally, it could minimize the risk of loss of content, or damage. It also eliminates any duplicate purchases required across an organization and, in turn, saves organisations time and money.”

Brenden Kanniappen

Brenden Kanniappen, also a Standards Specialist at BWA, explains that Engineering Workbench has several benefits, including a watchlist functionality.

“For example, some companies can work with a list of over a thousand standards that they would need to comply with for an operation or a project. As an engineer, imagine having to spend your time constantly researching modifications or updates for any particular standard? It becomes quite difficult and a tedious process.”

“Our watchlist functionality provides alerts when standards have been updated or when new versions are available.  The platform also has other enhanced features, which engineers can utilize to optimise workflows. An example would be that engineers can make annotations to the standards, to which other team members in the organisation can also have access to and comment on.”

Engineering Workbench also has a tool called research assistant. This tool acts as a “virtual subject matter expert” to quickly guide a user through vast amounts of information, drilling down to the relevant content and pointing to solutions based on understanding the content itself. Additional benefits of Engineering Workbench include the ability to host organizations’ internal standards through the platform. 

Our competitive advantage is going the extra mile for our valued clients, by providing local support and payments in local currency.  

BWA has a substantial and growing footprint in the local and African markets. The company has a strong presence in South Africa, Mozambique, Mauritius, Angola, and Zambia. Major industries that BWA works with include companies operating in the oil and gas, petrochemicals, mining, manufacturing, and NDT inspection. 

“Africa is a developing continent with significant promise for infrastructure development across various sectors. Compliance is non-negotiable as countries enforce stricter regulations around projects. We have the ability to tailor our solution to help a client stay ahead of the game when complying with all standards required for a project,” concludes Nunes. 

Take your company’s compliance to the next level with access to a single platform of international standards by phoning us on +27 11 867 4707 or emailing; 


“Proconics is using the IHS platform for the past few years and find it convenient to meet our client’s requirements for engineering and design to international standards. BWA helped us set up our collection to suit our unique requirements in a cost-effective way.” 

– Gert Nieuwoudt (Group Chief Technology Officer) Proconics

BWA has been our partner for accessing international codes and standards since 2018. 4 years on this

journey, BWA has helped us build a synergetic relationship that allows us to tailor our needs

to meet the demands of our evolving business. Thank you!”

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011 867 4707

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