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SKF Agri Hub for harsh tillage

SKF’s re-lubrication-free unit extends service life by up to 100%, cuts maintenance and speeds tillage for greater profitability.

To maximise farm productivity, tillage machinery is getting bigger. Larger diameter, heavier tillage discs allow deeper tillage penetration, but they endure the same harsh contaminants and even heavier loads than smaller discs. Shock impacts with stones can cause structural cracks, while failed seals can allow contaminants to cause disc bearing failure. SKF Agri Hub for harsh tillage can handle these operating challenges and more.

Designed as a heavy-duty alternative to standard-sized hub units, SKF Agri Hub for harsh tillage connects disc harrow arms to larger diameter tillage discs (>610 mm/24 in.). By combining larger components and a unique dual sealing system, the unit’s service life is increased by up to 2 times compared to standard units, while eliminating the need to re-lubricate the disc hubs after each use. It also allows higher tillage speeds in harsh soil conditions.


The unit’s dual seal solution incorporates both an SKF Mudblock seal and a cassette bearing seal for exceptional sealing performance – field tests confirm up to 100% extended service life

compared to alternative harsh tillage hub units in the market.

SKF Agri Hub for harsh tillage also features a larger flange and shaft to accommodate larger diameter discs operating at higher loads and tillage speeds. Part of the proven SKF Agri Hub

range, SKF Agri Hub for harsh tillage is backed by SKF’s global capabilities, including extensive engineering support and fast delivery options.

SKF is a leading global supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, lubrication systems, and services which include technical support, maintenance and reliability services, engineering consulting and training. SKF is represented in more than 130 countries and has around 17,000 distributor locations worldwide. Annual sales in 2017 were SEK 77 938 million and the number of employees was 45 678.

® SKF is a registered trademark of the SKF Group.


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