SKF induction heaters can take the heat!

SKF’s small (TIH 030m) and medium (TIH 100m) induction heaters are equipped with several advanced designs that optimise their performance, efficiency and handle-ability, delivering subsequent time and energy savings to the customer.

SKF The TIH 030m can heat bearings weighing up to 40 kg

Owing to their compact and lightweight design, (the TIH 030m and TIH 100m weighing only 20,9 kg and 42 kg respectively), these induction heaters effectively combine high heating capac­ity with convenient portability. The medium TIH 100m boasts the same high stand­ards of efficiency and performance as its smaller counterpart while offering increased capacity.

The SKF TIH 100m can heat up a bearing weighing 97 kg in less than 20 minutes saving time and energy

Eddie Martens who is SKF South Africa’s Product Manager for MaPro, highlights another innovative design: “Due to the smart placement of the induc­tion coil outside the housing, the small and medium units are able to heat bearings weighing up to 40 kg and 120 kg respectively. In fact, in less than 20 minutes, the TIH 030m can heat a 28 kg bearing and the TIH 100m a bearing weighing 97 kg, saving the end-user substantial time and energy.”

Both induction heaters are equipped with thermal overheating protection to reduce the risk of damage to the induction coil as well as to the electronics. This not only extends the units’ lifespan but also reduces maintenance and repair costs. The advanced design extends to the power electronics too, ensuring accu­rate control of electric current and rate of temperature increase. It also allows for cut-outs in order to prevent overheating. Moreover, the temperature mode is pre-set at 110 °C to prevent the bearing from over-heating. In addition to temperature mode, the TIH 030m and TIH 100m are also equipped with a time mode for heating components other than bearings. The 2-step power setting and smaller yokes allow for the safe heating of smaller bear­ings while consuming less power. Both units are supplied standard with three yokes and are available in two executions: 230V/50-60Hz or 100-110V/50-60Hz (TIH 030m) and 230V/50-60Hz or 400-460V/50-60Hz (TIH 100m). The TIH 100m is equipped with a standard swivel arm for large size yokes.

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