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GHM Messtechnik South Africa supplies industrial electronics that meet the ever increasing requirements by industry for all systems and components involved in the production process. Their precision instrumentation reduces downtime whilst maximising process efficiencies.

“The cost savings and associated competitive ability of our industrial electronics plays an important role when our customers are considering the modernisation of existing machinery or processes. We believe that GHM Messtechniek’s specialised instrumentation easily addresses these concerns as a result of our continued investment into state-of-the-art research and development methodology and production processes” said Jan Grobler, Managing Director for GHM Messtechnik based in Alberton,

The upcoming Industry 4.0 industry programme requires a deeper focus on better integration of customer requirements. Throughout the value chain process values in production processes will have to be combined without any loss of information that is relevant to users on site. Grobler added “Through in-depth knowledge of our customer’s ever evolving requirements, GHM Messtechnik constantly enhances its ranges of specialised industrial instrumentation in order to supply highly efficient devices and systems for the next industrial revolution”.


Specialised Industrial Electronic Range

The range of industrial electronics extends from process value detection to signal processing, display, control and regulation, to actuators for intervening

in the process. The GHM Messtechnik range includes temperature measurement transducers, universal transmitters, universal isolating amplifiers, switch amplifiers, limit value switches and thermal limiters. All highly specialised, quality instruments with high accuracy performance.

High operating efficiency is achieved throughout all areas of the product life cycle via:

  • space-saving assembly
  • quick and uncomplicated integration
  • short wiring times
  • simple commissioning without software
  • use of intuitively operated configuration software
  • clear process information for operators in order to minimise downtimes
  • fulfilment of necessary regulations such as EN 14597 or SIL
  • long service life

“The quality of our instrumentation and their successful application across industries such as food and beverage, plant and machinery construction, industrial and laboratory furnace construction, oil and gas, ship construction, plastics, chemical and pharmaceutical is well documented. It is German precision, reliability and accuracy at its best” said Grobler.

GHM Messtechnik SA is part of GHM Messtechnik GmbH, an amalgamation of globally renowned companies comprising: Greisinger Electronic, Honsberg Instruments, Martens Elektronik, Imtron, T & A (Telemetry & Automation), Delta Ohm (Italy) and Valco.

Further information is available from: Jan Grobler, Managing Director, GHM Messtechnik South Africa Tel: 011 902 0158 email:


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