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Studio 5000 Software Simplifies Automation System Design

Latest features save design time and help enhance security

 Engineers are under constant pressure to deliver automation systems faster. To help streamline the design and configuration process, Rockwell Automation has enhanced the Rockwell Software Studio 5000 integrated development environment. The software now includes expanded integration with engineering tools, pre-developed application content to replace custom code, and new features to help enhance security.

The Studio 5000 Architect application can now collaboratively exchange data with popular engineering tools, such as EPLAN and AutoCAD. This bidirectional data transfer helps improve start-up time by reducing the need for engineers to manually re-enter control data from engineering tools into the Studio 5000 software.

“The enhanced integration with ECAD tools can save hours of engineering time during the design process and when making system changes in the future,” says Christo Buys, Business Manager for Control Systems, Rockwell Automation sub-Saharan Africa. “It also helps reduce the risk of error and gives users greater freedom to use the engineering tools of their choice.”

Rockwell Automation also added pre-developed application content to the Studio 5000 Application Code Manager application. Engineers can use the content instead of creating custom code to save time and more easily standardise their systems. Content will initially include the Rockwell Automation library of process objects and machine builder libraries of control code, HMI faceplates, alarms, events and historian tags.

“We’ll continue to add more standardised code that is tailored to customers’ applications,” adds Buys. “Over time, this will change the way our customers approach programming because they can leverage pre-built content rather than writing code themselves. Ultimately, it will help them achieve faster time-to-market, improve design consistency and reduce engineering costs.”

To help enhance security, Rockwell Automation has added license-based content protection to the Studio 5000 Logix Designer application. This helps manufacturers protect the design and execution of their Logix content by limiting who can view or edit object source code. It also restricts code duplication in unauthorised machines. For OEMs, this helps reduce the risk of users copying code onto a machine they did not build.

In addition, because Logix controllers can now self-audit system changes, users can review a secure log of those changes within the Studio 5000 Logix Designer application. This helps engineers more effectively manage their control systems.

The Studio 5000 View Designer application has a new add-on graphics capability that helps simplify the configuration process. Users can create their own reusable graphics, and easily configure and link them to custom Logix data types and add-on instructions. In addition, the Studio 5000 View Designer application now includes multi-language support, so users can switch languages on their operator terminals.

Rockwell Automation has also added virtual design capabilities to the Studio 5000 software. With the new Studio 5000 Logix Emulate application, engineers can validate, test and optimise application code independent of physical hardware. This helps reduce project costs and shorten development cycles. The Studio 5000 Logix Emulate application also can connect to third-party simulation and operator training systems, so users can simulate an entire process and train teams in a safer, virtual environment.


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