Technology To Remotely Monitor, Manage Pumps

Digital technology is taking the reliability of water pump solutions to another level, with remote monitoring and control now giving users more insight into operations than ever before. 

The result, according to Nicolette Gomes, senior service sales specialist at Grundfos, is that users have the ability to assess their equipment performance at all times – and to plan well in advance for the necessary servicing interventions.

“We facilitate this process with our Grundfos Remote Management (GRM) system, which is a cloud-based portal that users can log in to from anywhere,” says Gomes. “The required module just has to be installed onto a pump controller We can even install GRM on other pump brands, after updating the controller on their system.”

Digital technology is taking the reliability of water pump solutions to another level with remote monitoring on mobile devices.

She explains that GRM provides a real time overview of the pump system, generating valuable data on key performance indices and transmitting that to the portal. The user can view the data and monitor exactly how the pumps are performing at any given time. 

“The benefits of this portal include the ability to track energy consumption and flow volumes  and to generate reports on this activity,” she says. “A range of alarms can be activated to alert operators to issues such as over-voltage or under-voltage, as well as water shortages and other problems.”

The GRM will also send a notification to Grundfos and the customer when the pre-determined service intervals have been reached, ensuring that regular maintenance is conducted to optimise pump longevity and performance. 

“This gives us the opportunity to order in the necessary spares, to have them available as soon as the customer’s operation provides the opportunity to conduct the work,” she says. “Even the details of each maintenance intervention – including the parts replaced – can be logged on the system, so that a good record is maintained.”

There is even an element of remote control in the GRM, which allows the user to manage the equipment – for instance, stopping and starting the pumps – without having to physically stand in front of the machinery, she notes. This can help to avoid catastrophic failure from conditions like dry-running.

“We can connect this to a Grundfos MGE motor with an integrated frequency converter or CUE external frequency converter, to monitor operational data,” she says. “This includes the power consumption, speed and set points, so that customers can see how their systems behave over time, and can use these insights to minimise downtime.”

Gomes concludes that customers gain inestimable value from these technology tools, as they not only ensure optimal performance but also avoid costly repairs and unscheduled downtime. 

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