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The BMG World Reveal

BMG is set to officially open its recently upgraded BMG World distribution and engineering facility at a two day event in September 2017.

“The reveal of the BMG World facility in Johannesburg, is the culmination of a consolidation and supply chain re-engineering strategy which began nearly 10 years ago. The BMG World facility reflects the company’s ability to supply world class integrated engineering solutions to Southern African industries,” says Gavin Pelser, managing director, BMG, part of Invicta Holdings Limited. “The R350-million investment to transform the existing Droste Park facilities into a leading edge distribution centre, was made in order to centralise functional and support operations onto one site. Through this rationalisation initiative, BMG strives to achieve cost optimisation, improve regionalised branch office systems thereby enhancing customer service capability.


“The improved facilities contain over 50 000 m² of warehousing and more than 300 000 line items of product. This enables BMG to continue to provide high levels of operating efficiencies and delivery service, in line with the substantial continued growth of the business.

“We are looking forward to hosting over 3 000 customers, as well as international and local suppliers at this event, which marks the official opening of BMG World. The programme includes site tours, product exhibits and working demonstrations.”

The BMG World reveal will not only highlight the company’s extensive range of engineering components and technical expertise, but there will be a focus on how BMG integrates its vast product range and extensive technical services into tangible operational efficiencies.

This event takes place at BMG World in Droste Park, Johannesburg, on 14 and 15 September 2017.To register to attend the event go to www.bmgworld.net/sitereveal

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