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thyssenkrupp engaging successfully in Industrial Data Space Association

Association’s growth and internationalization strategy a success in 2016. Huawei 50th member

Almost one year after the Industrial Data Space Association was founded, its record is positive: rising member numbers and growth into an international initiative are important results of the association’s work. “The aims we set ourselves for the first year have been achieved. Now we want to utilize the momentum and drive our standard internationally as well,” says Dr. Reinhold Achatz, Chairman of the Industrial Data Space Association and Chief Technology Officer of thyssenkrupp.

When it was formed on January 26, 2016 the Industrial Data Space Association numbered 18 members. Today 50 companies and organizations belong to the association and pursue a shared goal: to drive the conditions for a digitally connected economy – from industry to services to trade – and establish sovereign data exchange in the Industrial Data Space. “Companies must be actively able to choose the conditions under which they provide data to their partners,” says Lars Nagel, a manager at the head office of the Industrial Data Space Association.

thyssenkrupp is involved in the association with the aim among others of developing new business models, smart products and services, for example when customers, suppliers and logistics providers form a digital ecosystem in which everyone is aware at all times of the location, condition and demand for goods.

International significance

Clear data governance rules on secure and sovereign data use, as well as the technical systems for implementing them, are becoming increasingly important for companies throughout Europe. “The Industrial Data Space is gaining in significance in other countries too,” says Thorsten Hülsmann, a manager at the head office of the Industrial Data Space Association. International research institutes and companies are getting involved in the working groups and in implementing use cases. “Trade and the exchange of data do not stop at national borders. The internationalization of the Industrial Data Space is therefore a logical step and an important part of our strategy in our second year,” explains Reinhold Achatz. Another major step on this path has already been taken: Huawei, a world leading supplier of IT and telecommunications solutions joined the Industrial Data Space Association in November.

Successful cooperation within the initiative

In five working groups on topics such as “Use Cases & Requirements”, “Certification” and “Architecture” the member companies are supporting the development process in an associated research project also involving twelve Fraunhofer institutes. The member companies are formulating their requirements for a sovereign exchange of data in the Industrial Data Space and bringing their experience to the project.

As part of the Industrial Data Space initiative thyssenkrupp is developing new solutions for truck logistics at its steel division in Duisburg. The focus is on optimizing goods delivery. There will also be a mobile solution using a smartphone app.

About the Industrial Data Space Association

The Industrial Data Space Association consolidates the requirements to be met by the Industrial Data Space, organizes the exchange of experience between research and industry, and develops guidelines for certification, standardization and utilization of the results of the Industrial Data Space research project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

About the Industrial Data Space research project

The Industrial Data Space research project originated in a strategic initiative by the Fraunhofer Society to create a secure data space. It launched on October 1, 2015 with a term of three years and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The project involves 12 Fraunhofer institutes and is coordinated by Prof. Boris Otto of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML in Dortmund.

Bernd Overmaat

Press spokesperson Technology, Innovation & Sustainability

Telephone: +49 201 844-545185

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