Tough Conditions Call For Grindex Drainage Pumps

Tough pumping applications such as on mine and construction sites need a proven range of drainage pumps that are heavy-duty but offer low total cost of ownership – these characteristics have been well proven in Grindex units. 

The Grindex range of drainage pumps handle water with abrasive solids up to 12 mm in size, and with high pH values from five to eight. Distributed locally by authorised southern African agent Integrated Pump Technology, Grindex submersible pumps have a heritage going back over 60 years – with more than 400,000 pumps delivered.

In the medium section of the Grindex range are the Minex, Minette, Minor, Major, Master and Matador.

Drainage pumps are most suitable when users need to pump large quantities of dirty water, but still need to achieve heads of up to 200 metres, or flow rates of up to 350 litres a second. These Grindex pumps deliver all that, and convenience besides. 

This is according to Integrated Pump Technology sales manager, Jordan Marsh who say the unique valve on Grindex drainage pumps enables air cooling of the motor so they can run dry without a problem – and therefore don’t need babysitting.

On the small end of the range – comprising the Micro, Milli and Mini models – these pumps are compact, lightweight and ultraportable. The Micro model’s low power consumption makes it ideal when running on a generator. The Milli looks similar to the Micro, but enables low suction down to only a few millimetres, thanks to the unique non-return valve. 

Grindex drainage pumps offer heavy-duty performance at low total cost of ownership.

In the medium section of the Grindex range are the Minex, Minette, Minor, Major, Master and Matador. The revolutionary hydraulic design ensures high wear resistance and dramatically reduces any performance drop that may result from long-time wear. 

“With their internal starter, SMART motor protector and optional level regulator, these pumps provide fully automatic protection and control without the need for external starter,” Marsh says. “The soft starter means smoother motor acceleration, thereby protecting the pump while reducing equipment wear and mechanical stress.”

There are two large Grindex drainage pumps – the Magnum and the Mega. The Magnum is relied on for the toughest jobs, with high quality, reliable design combined with the ease of maintenance. Made of cast iron, the Mega is ideal for operating in deep excavations where very high-head pumping is needed. Designed to handle pH levels from six to 13, it can also be fitted with zinc anodes for extra protection.


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