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Ultra-Lok® clamping system makes inroads in traffic signage

The Ultra-Lok® clamping system from Banding & Identification (ID) Solutions Africa is a multi-purpose system that can be used for any band-and-buckle related application.

Launched originally in South Africa in 2007 as a high-pressure hose assembly clamping solution, Ultra-Lok® has seen its applications expand to encompass water-cooled cabling assemblies, signage erection, and general cable management and theft prevention.

Banding & ID Solutions Sales Representative Matthew Campbell notes that, in Europe in particular, Ultra-Lok® is most popular for signage erection on motorways, an application that presents a major opportunity locally.

However, it is essential that local municipal and road traffic authorities are educated about the benefits of using Ultra-Lok®, as opposed to the traditional bolt-clamp system, which is both more costly and time-consuming to install.


Ultra-Lok is a stronger faster and more efficient clamping system

“Ultra-Lok® is far more effective as it provides for a stronger, faster, and more efficient clamping system. Bolt clamps are often cumbersome and difficult to use, especially when a user is on a platform or ladder,” Campbell points out.

In addition, bolt clamps only come in preset sizes, which means that they are inherently inflexible. However, Ultra-Lok® clamps can be adapted according to specific size requirements, thereby saving end users time and money on sourcing custom-fit bolt clamps.


Ultra-Lok is most popular for signage erection on motorways an application that presents a major opportunity locally

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About Banding & Identification (ID) Solutions Africa
Banding & Identification (ID) Solutions Africa is the African distributor of USA-based Band-It, a leading manufacturer of a full range of stainless steel band, buckle systems, preformed clamps and cable ties for numerous applications.

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