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Level measurement with radar – a success story

The use of radar has revolutionized level measurement technology. VEGA has been setting milestones time and again for almost 25 years. Today more than 550,000 radar sensors from VEGA work reliably in a wide range of level applications worldwide.

As early as 1991 VEGA presented the first radar level measuring device ready for series production. Shortly before the beginning of the 21st century, one name was on everyone’s lips in the professional world: eric®. That was the name of the first two-wire radar device in the world that VEGA brought onto the market in 1997. eric® brought the company to the top of the world market within a very short time. In 2004 it was possible to increase the sensitivity of the radar sensors by a factor of a thousand. VEGAPULS 68 was the first radar sensor that was prepared for the extremely difficult process conditions in the bulk solids industry.

With 80 GHz into the future!

In 2014 the VEGAPULS 69, a radar sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids, was introduced with great success. The higher transmission frequency of 80 GHz enables significantly better focusing of the transmission signal. In containers and silos with many installations, good focus helps to significantly reduce the influence of interference signals. With the introduction of the new VEGAPULS 64, the world’s first radar level sensor for liquids with 80 GHz, a new era in radar measurement technology has finally dawned.

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