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Verder Packo gains traction in the food and beverage industry

Verder South Africa is gaining traction in the food and beverage industry with the successful introduction of its new Packo range of food-grade pumps.

The Dutch-based Verder Group acquired the UK-based Fullwood Packo Group in 2015, with Verder South Africa embarking on an extensive marketing campaign for the food & beverage industry in August this year.

Kobus Fourie, Packo pump specialist at Verder South Africa, explains that the range has application in 11 niche sectors. These are dairy, meat and fish, textiles, wastewater and potable water, breweries and distilleries, food and beverage, washing and disinfection, surface treatment, vegetables, animal feeds and biogas, hot frying oil, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.

“At the moment our campaign is focused on breweries and beverages, and we will target additional sectors next year,” Fourie confirms. Verder Packo pumps are available in capacities of up to 40 m3/hour, with the latest addition to the range capable of 1 200 m3/hour. This particular pump weighs an astonishing 1.6 t, with a 250 kW motor.

In existence for 230 years, Packo was the first company ever to design a food-grade pump. Its extensive experience has allowed it to eliminate typical problems and issues that smaller companies are only beginning to grapple with now.


In existence for 230 years, Packo was the first company ever to design a food-grade pump.

Some of the innovations introduced by Packo include an electro-polishing process for all internal components. This results in a mirror-like finish that helps to combat bacteria build-up. Another feature is optional heating jackets for materials such as chocolate, creams and fats, which all need to remain liquid, even if the production process is interrupted.

Packo pumps also boast a monobloc design for ease of maintenance and durability. This also removes the need for a fixed baseplate, which in turn limits the vibration produced. “The affordability of these products, in addition to the quality of the range, is making a major impression on the local food & beverage sector at present,” Fourie comments.


Packo pumps also boast a monobloc design for ease of maintenance and durability.

About Verder Pumps South Africa
The Verder Group comprises Verder Liquids and Verder Scientific, specialising in products and services for fluid handling and laboratories respectively. The Verder Liquids division comprises in-house Verder pumps, systems and services distributed by local Verder suppliers. Manufacturing in-house allows the Verder Group to maintain the highest standards over the design, build and testing procedures, which reduces risk and costs to the customer. This provides the customer with a high quality product at a great price.

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