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Verderflex chemical dosing pumps are ideal for delivering chemicals at a controlled rate.

Verderflex chemical dosing pumps are ideal for delivering chemicals at a controlled rate.
Peristaltic dosing pumps contain the liquid within the tube or the hose, eliminating risk of contamination. This makes a peristaltic pump the perfect choice in water treatment applications such as phosphate removal, pH control as well as for making energy from organic waste.

Phosphate removal
According to laws enforced by the South African effluents containing phosphates cannot be discharged directly into water bodies as it can cause problems with aquatic life.
Water companies are required to treat effluents in order to remove phosphates, often using ferric sulphate or ferric chloride. It is important that the dose rate is accurate, as high iron content would result in a fine from the UK Environment Agency.

pH buffering

Dosing chemicals to remove phosphates often change the pH balance of the final effluent. Sodium hydroxide or lime is often dosed alongside to balance this change in pH.
The control and measurement of the pH level is directly linked to the dosing speed and controls offered on the pump.

Dosing and circulation of lime

At numerous water treatment plants in the UK, Verderflex dosing pumps have been supplied to circulate lime mixture in the tank. The VF hose pump is used to keep the lime slurry blend, mixed to the required state. This unit was specifically chosen due to the duty level the VF dosing pump could provide to circulate the fluid from the base to the top of the tank. The suction properties of the VF dosing pump ensured there were no dead spots in the base of the tank and the working principle guaranteed there were no blockages and a long MTBF.

The homogenous state of the mixture meant less lime chemical was wasted in the tank and a consistent fluid was being delivered by the dosing system.

About Verder Pumps South Africa
The Verder Group comprises Verder Liquids and Verder Scientific, specialising in products and services for fluid handling and laboratories respectively. The Verder Liquids division comprises in-house Verder pumps, systems and services distributed by local Verder suppliers. Manufacturing in-house allows the Verder Group to maintain the highest standards over the design, build and testing procedures, which reduces risk and costs to the customer. This provides the customer with a high quality product at a great price.

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