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Vert energy load banks reliable generator performance

Vert Energy, distributors of ASCO power switching and control components in Southern Africa, has supplied its first load bank system into Botswana.

Vert Energy supplies ASCO Froment load bank to Peter Investments Botswana

Peter Investments has acquired an ASCO Froment load bank, which will be used for load testing, to ensure reliability of generator sets and standby power systems. This system will be trailer mounted and used at various sites around the country, including government infrastructure, telecommunications, mining and game lodges.

ASCO load banks, which are designed to replicate working load conditions, provide electrical loads for testing power sources – including generators and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

“A well-planned, preventative maintenance programme, that includes load testing of a generator set, is vital to reliable operation and extended service life of the standby power system,” says Ryan Robertson, director, Vert Energy. “Load banks offer efficient power test solutions and also reduce the harmful effects of ‘wet stacking’ and glazing problems caused by under-loading of the generator.

“Wet stacking – the primary cause of failure of diesel engines in backup generating systems – occurs when unburned fuel accumulates in the combustion chamber, reducing engine ratings and affecting performance. Load banks used as part of proactive maintenance, improve efficiency of the diesel engine and significantly increase service life.”

Vert Energy supplies ASCO Froment load bank to Peter Investments Botswana

This combined ASCO Froment load bank (resistive/inductive) with Sigma load control and instrumentation hardware, allows fully variable power factor loading and can test generators up to 800 kVA at 80 % load.

Resistive elements and inductors of ASCO load banks are connected to the supply on test by electromechanical contactors fitted internally within the load bank. The easy to operate Sigma system ensures flexibility in automatic load control and provides cost effective solutions to power testing requirements, which often require high level instrumentation, data capture and verification.

Vert Energy’s ASCO range also encompasses transfer switches and controls, as well as Avtron load banks. Other electric power generation (EPG) components include Leroy Somer alternators, API Covrad radiators and customised control panels.

Also in the range are NSM single and three phase 2 pole alternators for portable power, as well as AC and DC 2 pole welders and permanent magnet generators (PMG). AllightSykes MSGEN2 lighting towers, which offer over 50 000 hours of light per unit, are also available.

A critical part of Vert Energy’s solutions service is to meet growing demand from generator set builders and electro-mechanical power transmission industries, to ensure there is no interruption in power supply as a result of load shedding or mains failure.

Through an extensive range of quality branded EPG products and a highly skilled team of factory and OEM trained technicians, the company plays a major role in providing dependable power to companies, even in Africa’s most remote regions.

For further information Mr Ryan Robertson, Sales and Marketing, Vert Energy
Unit 3 Route 24 187 Herman Road Meadowdale Johannesburg / PO Box 3817 Dainfern Johannesburg 2055
Telephone: +27 (0) 11 453 9669


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