Why Atlas Copco Power Technique’s after-market service solutions deliver low cost of ownership

Atlas Copco Power Technique’s professional and comprehensive after-market service solutions help to optimise machine and equipment performance, boosting productivity and production for ultimate business profitability.

“Our service solutions incorporate general maintenance and repairs to all Atlas Copco mobile equipment including pumps, compressors and light towers,” confirms Business Line Manager for Power Technique’s Service Division, Douw van Schalkwyk. “Alongside complete and/or partial rebuilding of portable equipment components, our portfolio also extends to operator training focusing on general maintenance procedures.”   

Customers can achieve low TCO by ensuring regular service & maintenance on their equipment by and Atlas Copco qualified OEM technician (Brian Bower)

“We understand how important low total cost of ownership (TCO) is for our customers, irrespective of their application in sectors such as water well and exploration drilling, mining, quarrying and construction,” continues Van Schalkwyk. “There really is only one way for customers to achieve low TCO and that is by adopting regular service and maintenance plans carried out by qualified Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) technicians using OE parts.”

Van Schalkwyk stresses that service quality is just as important as regular maintenance i.e. who is performing the service and how is it being carried out. In terms of the ‘who’, Atlas Copco strongly advises customers to appoint only OEMs to service their machines. As an OEM, Atlas Copco must follow global requirements and adhere to international rules and standards. “This compels us to create a pool of highly trained, highly skilled product specialists who know the Atlas Copco products inside out. Using the correct tooling, our technicians take care of service, maintenance and repair work in the shortest possible time, helping to keep customers’ downtime to an absolute minimum.”

Addressing the ‘how’, Van Schalkwyk highlights the importance of following the OEM’s recommended service intervals and using only OE parts. “A preventative maintenance culture will help to reduce the risk of component failure and resultant unplanned, costly stoppages, subsequently increasing machine availability and extending life cycles.” Citing high pressure compressors as a good example of why OE parts are so important, Van Schalkwyk explains that sub-standard parts are known to fail under high pressure and, in most cases, result in an internal fire. Moreover, in the event of a warranty issue, the customer, having followed the OEM’s recommended service intervals, can depend on the OEM for an immediate response. “We, as the OEM, will carry the consequential damages resulting from the failed part. On the contrary, failure to follow OEM requirements will result in claims being declined, leaving the customer with down time and repair-related costs.” He adds that fully serviced units also fetch a better selling price.

Power Technique’s mobile equipment is used across the world in a wide variety of applications on sites that are sometimes located remotely. In a bid to place qualified technicians and OE parts close to customers, Atlas Copco Power Technique has created a strategic dealer network that stretches across South Africa as well as into neighbouring countries. “As our dealers are at the coal face, they are able to deliver rapid turn-around times in terms of service, repair and parts supply, helping to minimise customer downtime,” states Area Sales Manager, Roelf van Niekerk. “Our strategic dealer network also helps Power Technique to remain competitive in the pricing arena.”

Atlas Copco’s well-established dealer network, along with a substantial investment in digitalised systems, has enabled Power Technique to streamline its service personnel based at the Jet Park head office in Gauteng. Power Technique has developed several online platforms that enable customers, with the click of a button, to conveniently stay connected with their machines and equipment, access vital product information and make online purchases 24/7. One of Atlas Copco’s corner stones is to find and develop stand-out talent amongst all employees. The advantage for Power Technique is the development of its own pool of top performers. In so doing, they are also adding value for their customers who ultimately benefit from best-in-class service and support. Commencing 2022, Power Technique proudly has three top performers: A female in the sales and marketing department and two male apprentices. 

In line with the apprenticeship initiative, Power Technique provides hands-on training in-house while theoretical training is managed by Atlas Copco’s HR department in collaboration with an outside Merceta-approved company. The apprentices also follow the National Technical training through one of the accredited schools, thus approximately a third of their time is divided between practical, school and technical training. The course is completed between 30 to 36 months, depending on the individual’s technical skills levels. At the end of the programme, the participant writes a trade test at the national authority (Olifantsfontein Trade Centre), and if successful, walks away with a minimum of a N3 National Technical Certificate.Having identified a great opportunity within the drill rig sector, Power Technique has partnered with a European company to import after-market parts. Drill rig operators run up long hours, subsequently consuming loads of parts. And when units go out of warranty, customers always look for a lower cost of ownership. The new partnership will put Power Technique in a position to assist these operators with an alternative and competitive source of approved parts. 

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